Ebay Product Researcher and Lister

Part Time
Aug 08, 2018

Job Overview

Looking for experienced eBay Lister with knowledge in Lister and Research Tools. This is a part-time job working for 15-20 hours per week as of now. When the store has many products to manage especially orders and customer queries the job will be full-time.

Must be able to do product research using Zik Analytics.
Knows to look good product in different sources such as Wallmart, Homedepot, Amazon and other stores.
Must be able to list a product using the DSM tool.
Must be able to optimize title, remove a watermark in the picture and know to make product description.
Work for 4 days in a week as start from Tuesday to Friday.
Good punctuation, spelling and grammar skills.
Experience in eBay drop shipping in the US as a VA.
Has a experience in customer query and good English.

Please give me a sample product that you research in Wallmart, Amazon, Homedepot and other sources. It should have a product title (correctly optimize), product description and other features in eBay listing.

Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Editing Proofreading
  • SEO
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Support

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