Virtual Assistant Research & Data Entry (copy and paste)

$50 per contract $500+ mnth
Aug 10, 2018

Job Overview

About Our Company: Our Company specializes in selling “various products” on Our business model is simple; we buy products that we can resell on Amazon at a profit.

The Position: Virtual Assistant Research

Pay Rate: $.10 per item, Min 500 Items. if accepted and past skills test.
Schedule: Flexible Hours

Job Description: Employee will research potential product opportunities and share them with the team if they meet product criteria. Input potential product opportunities in to our system for our team.

Job Requirements
● Understand how to navigate the Internet with the Google Chrome browser. ● Must have reliable, high-speed Internet access. ● Email address and able to get an amazon account ● Must have a history of consistent attendance from former employers. ● Must understand how to use various Google Chrome Extensions such as Scandalize ● Previous Experience is not required. ● Must be fluent in English and be able to clearly understand, and follow detailed tasks. ● Smart - we are looking for a smart person, who can follow instructions, who can watch videos explaining tasks and then be able to go through the process themselves.
Here is a sample video of what you will be doing: https:

If you answer NO, stop and reply NO THANK YOU

YES please keep reading.

In order to ensure that only those employees that display the strong attention to detail required for this position make it through our hiring process, please include: “I love amazon items,” in your first sentence in your reply. Applicants who do not include this may not be considered.

We have selected multiple core skills some have more importance than others but not all of them are required.
You will receive requirements for each item, plus account access, and approval.

Before we hire you will need to do 10 sample items using our requirement.

If you are the right candidate, and able to follow directions and perform. We will also pay you for the test sample plus reward you a weekly or daily contracts.

Thank you for your interest in this position.

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Research
  • Speaking
  • Translation
  • Writing
  • Amazon Product Ads
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Personal Assistant

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