💠Multimedia Creative💠 With Webdesign Magic +Long-Term Work Expansion

200 USD/ month Part Time Aug 21, 2018

Job Overview


☑Creating videos, graphics and websites are your passion.

☑You'd rather draw and illustrate than take notes.

☑You love to bring an idea into visual form.

☑You can't stand it when something is unaesthetically pleasing.

☑You can easily express yourself through visuals.

☑You are constantly improving your technique in design.

☑It's important for you to leave the world a better place than before.

☑You find great pride in your work.


2-5 years


20 hours a week


200 USD/ Month


-Video (Creation and editing)

-Graphics (Creation and editing for social media)

-Webdesign (Wordpress, html and Clickfunnels)

-Branding (Translating brand essence into visuals)


-Fantastic multimedia skills (video and graphics)

-Creative vision and visual branding

-Strong webdesign skills (Wordpress, html, Clickfunnels)

-Organization (Keep track of multiple tasks)


We are a team of 2 passionate life coaches who are creating positive transformations in our clients' lives.

We are aiming to grow this business to an international stage and this multimedia/ webdesign opportunity is just the beginning for you.

Imagine being a part of a fast-paced environment where there are many new business opportunities.

We treat every single person with respect, honesty and compassion.

You aren't just a freelancer. Your personal goals, aspirations and feelings are important to us.

If you are willing to work hard with heart and learn a lot with people who care about you, then join us.


Please answer the following questions in your application: Have you had any experience in webdesign, image design or video editing?

What are your past work experiences? What did you do, what did you like or not enjoy about the job?

Please show samples of all four if applicable: websites, images, visual brand assets, videos.

What are your personal aspirations or goals? (AUDIO RECORDING REQUIRED)

What is your greatest source of stress in the past? (AUDIO RECORDING REQUIRED)

Skills required

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Wordpress Development
  • Google analytics
  • HTML
  • Wordpress
  • Graphics Editing
  • Logo Design
  • Video Editing
  • Web page Design
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Animation Specialist
  • ClickFunnels

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