hourly depending upon experience
Aug 24, 2018

Job Overview


  1. You must have good fast internet access.

  2. You will need a good computer without problems.

These are project positions. These are not part time, not full time. I am retiring soon and taking up photography as a full time hobby and perhaps a part time career. A good knowledge of cameras and photograph will help you work faster.

I need internet research about cameras and photography. need lists which can be in plain text format with spaces (not tabs) without special formatting or Excel entry. If you are interested in this position I will give you a sample of what I have fond so far.

PAYMENT TERMS: We will begin with a comfortable payment system. I will give you the sample of what I have found so far. You will go to work. You will send me a sample of the work you have accomplished after 8 hours of work. If I am happy with your progress you can send me an invoice every 2 days for the work you have completed during those days. I will pay the invoices upon receipt via PayPal. If I am happy with your progress we will continue.

WORKING TERMS: This is a -freelance- work for hire independent contractor position. You must be working outside of the USA. I am not responsible for any taxes. When I pay the information you find is mine and not to be shared, resold or posted on the internet. It is called Non-Disclosure.

Below you will find the projects. You will do project #1 first. If you do it well you will get to do project #2. If you do 1 & 2 well you will do Project #3, then 4, then #5, and lastly #6.

Project 1. Cameras and Lenses (not the packing bags or cases). The actual carry weight which is much less than the camera/lens with the box.

Project 2. Photography Workshops. Weekend, week, month long no full time schools.
Project 3. Best photographers in 2016, 2017, 2018.
Project 4. Photo websites including the url and a summary of what they do.
Project 5. Top photo books for learning photography.
Project 6. Best computers for photo work

Project 1.
What are the best / top rated / best selling cameras in the last year -perhaps the last 18 months. Work backwards from the newest to last years model. There seems to be a general agreement from different sources but there are different opinions.

I want information on Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony Pentax, Olympus and Leica.
There will be 2 types of cameras. The full frame sensor and 4/3 sensor. I am looking to find a professional full frame camera and lenses for professional work and a 4/3 carry around camera/lenses.

a) I need a list of about 20-30 of the top DSLR full frame camera choices and both prime and zoom lenses.

b) I need a list of about 20-30 of the top semi pro mirrorless 4/3 frame cameras and both prime and zoom lenses.

I am looking for more than one camera and a few lenses. The price range will be between $800 & $5,000. I am not interested in small pocket cameras of low quality so I am setting $800 as the least expensive.

a) The information I need on these camera choices are:
- Camera manufacturer
- camera name
- ! camera weight (not package but actual weight) in ounces and grams 800 g body only. This is important. I will carry it.
- Resolution 30.4 MP: 6720 x 4480

- I DO NOT need prices - they will change.
You may need to transfer the lbs. weight to ounces. The easiest way is to take the grams and use the gram to ounce converter on Google. Example 800gr=28.21 ounces. Round up or down. 28.21 ounces can be rounded to 28 oz. 28.9 oz = 29oz 16 oz to the pound so anything over .8 is rounded up.

Examples of places to look. It’s a google search.

The best digital camera 2018: which one should you buy?

Best Sellers Specifications

There will be more information if we progress…

Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Writing

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