eCommerce operations manager/specialist

$1,200 u.s.d./month plus 3%-5% profit share
Full Time
Aug 27, 2018

Job Overview

Ecommerce Operations Manager Duties and Responsibilities:
($1,200 per month, plus 3-5% of profit share.)

The Ecommerce Operations Manager will be primarily responsible for overseeing and managing the ecommerce website. They will handle decision-making for the website, social media accounts, and online advertising. They will also be responsible for research and development of new online marketing strategies, and for hiring and training the rest of the Ecommerce division, from customer support, sales and marketing to logistics and fulfillment.

Experience in a fast-paced sales environment driving performance to reach targets with a focus on conversion.
• Significant experience in servicing customer queries in both an online & offline environment
• Experience of E-commerce merchandising best practice, with an understanding of user behavior
• Experience of stock management and financial procedures
• Proven experience in an E-commerce role with exposure to operational element
• Experience of managing a team
• Ability to effectively coach colleagues and communicate with senior management
• Proven experience of a sales environment with the ability to proactively sell to an online/telephone audience.
• Experience of incentivizing and motivating a sales focused team
• Understanding of E-commerce fulfilment process and how to achieve cost effective business solutions while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction
Project Development and Presentation
The Ecommerce Operations Manager will liaise directly with upper management and present their plans for any new advances or initiatives to improve the company’s online presence and e-sales.
Website Design
The Ecommerce Manager will be responsible for determining the format and features of the website in order to maximize clarity and ease of navigation for customers. They will liaise with the Web designers to develop and alter the website as needed.
Supervision, Hiring and Training
The Ecommerce Operations Manager will oversee the entire e-commerce division and divide up employees on tasks. They will also be responsible for interviewing, bringing their preferred candidates to upper management, and providing necessary training.
Financial Planning and Budgeting
The job of an ecommerce operations manager is to plan for e-marketing expenditures well in advance and develop a financial plan that will maximize their resources.
Ecommerce Manager Skills
Communication: A large part of an Ecommerce Manager’s job is effective communication. They must be able to clearly describe job duties to those they supervise, and lay out full plans to the management. Expert written and verbal communication is key to getting ideas across.
• Technical Understanding: A strong grasp of modern technology and social media is essential to the job of an Ecommerce Manager. An expert understanding of spreadsheets, databases, financial analysis, website design, search engine optimization, and e-marketing strategy will be key to fulfilling the many functions of the job.
• Flexibility: The job of an Ecommerce Manager is unpredictable. Candidates must be willing to work long, irregular hours when needed. The market changes quickly, and new developments may require a quick overhaul of the company’s strategy. Thus, the idea candidate will be able to change strategies and rethink conventional wisdom at any time.
• Professionalism: The Ecommerce Operations Manager will be required to oversee a team, meet with clients and designers, and present to superiors. As such, a professional approach in dress and speaking ability will be essential for success.
Ecommerce Operations Manager Tools of the Trade
Ecommerce Managers use a broad array of tools in their daily work to manage the many elements of their work. They generally include:
• Analytical Tools: Google Analytics and other analytical software will be essential for tracking sales trends and making projections of future growth.
• Spreadsheets: Tracking data is an essential part of the job. Using tools like Excel and other spreadsheet software makes organizing months of data effective and easy.
• Presentation Software: An Ecommerce Manager will be expected to present new initiatives to management and potential clients. An effective, easy to use software such as PowerPoint is essential to creating visually appealing, easy-to-follow presentations.
• Smartphone: An Ecommerce Manager must be on call to handle sudden updates, and a significant part of their job is interaction with clients. As such, an up-to-date smartphone with e-mail capability is essential.
• Online Sales Portals: Amazon Vendor/Seller Central and similar sites are key to managing the sales portion of the job, and allow the Ecommerce Manager to keep track of sales data in one convenient location.
Ecommerce Operations Manager Educational Requirements
A position as an Ecommerce Manager will generally require a Bachelor’s degree with a specialization in marketing or business. Many college business programs now offer specific classes in online marketing and sales. As the position is a leadership position, companies often require classes in management as well, and an Ecommerce Manager will generally have at least four years’ experience in a related field.
Research and Development
• The Ecommerce Manager will keep abreast of new developments in the e-marketing world. They will also research the company’s core demographics and how to best reach them, in order to maximize search engine traffic and the effect of the company’s targeted ad buys.
• Keep up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, conduct competitor research and anticipate changes in customer demand patterns.
• Support Analytics Team through hands on execution of page tagging, development and execution of A/B Tests and the creation of customer segments and personas.
• Maintain and publish weekly dashboard of KPIs, identify opportunities and provide weekly updates on trends/insights.
• Ensure that all customer data is protected in accordance with regulatory and internal business requirements.
• Monitor fraud, chargebacks, refused payments, etc. and ensure robust fraud prevention processes are in place.
• Support Customer Service Teams by streamlining processes to ensure that they respond to customer queries in line with standards set and agreed response times.
• Work with Marketing and Communications Teams to coordinate all social media campaigns and manage SEM/SEO program.

Customer Service:
• Ensure that team responds to customer queries in line with standards set and agreed response times
• Streamline processes through developing the suite of e-mail templates and FAQ content to reduce the time spent on queries and complaints
• Co-ordinate the production and continual improvement of ‘instruction manuals’ for each shop to ensure full customer service coverage for all shops in the event of staff absence and holidays
• Explore local expectations of customer service and service provided by competitors and tailor responses accordingly minimizing losses and maximizing revenue
• Compile statistics relating to customer service performance and produce a variety of reports to analyse data and identify key areas where improvement is required
• Improve the ratio of Customer Service v Order Confirmation e-mails
• Reduce overall Customer Service levels so that Exec team can spend more time on proactive areas within job description
• Ensure that refunds are granted only where corporate T&Cs are met
• Oversee payment issues and chargeback queries, ensuring that losses are recovered as required
• Collate useful qualitative feedback from customers and share with other managers to assist in product development and adoption of improved practices
• Research and oversee introduction and trial of automated e-mail management system, collating data and performing analysis to determine whether there is sufficient return on investment and saving in time to justify adopting the service or a similar alternative
• Co-ordinate the monitoring of all shop sites to identify issues which may prevent customers from buying online and work with the Senior Ecommerce Operations Manager to identify changes and improvements necessary
• Explore and implement a telephone management system to resolve customer queries, while maintaining existing resolution speed.
• Explore and implement sales training to enable more proactive sales of products when taking calls or on email to customers.
• Be responsible for emergency planning in relation to shop website downtime, transport strikes, attraction closure, Bank Holidays, Christmas & New Year periods and other external factors which impact on customers’ ability to redeem products and therefore increase Customer Service volumes
Finance, Stock, Fulfilment & Warehouses
• Ensure that all financial processes associated with each financial month, quarter and year end are executed accurately and in a timely manner at Exec level
• Ensure all necessary processes are in place to ensure no stock is lost in the office, stock counts are accurate and any variances are fully investigated.
• Ensure that all customer data is protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act and any relevant current local legislation
• Ensure adequate stock management tools and processes are in place to enable efficient working across all online shops
• Monitor fraud, chargebacks, refused payments, etc. in WorldPay and ensure robust anti-fraud processes are in place, reporting fraud to authorities such as Action Fraud

Skills Required

  • Email Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Coordinator
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Support
  • Email Support
  • Social Media Moderation
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Other Project Management
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Shopify

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