Are You A Great Writer And Researcher? Head of Digital Marketing - Content Marketing Manager

Full Time
Sep 05, 2018

Job Overview

Head of Digital Marketing - Content and Social Marketing Manager

Important: Please send examples of your writing when applying


I am the CEO of a small startup company called Connect Loyalty. We are looking to grow our leads through content and social marketing. We need a manager that will take us to the next level in this area. Content marketing will be an important part of our lead generation strategy.

The excellent person who fills this role will work directly for me on this initiative. I will also hire you a part-time assistant for this position. So you will have help.

There is a lot of growth opportunity with our company - including bonuses and potentially stock options.

We will pay cash bonuses for great content pieces that produce quality business leads. Examples include 1) writing a piece that goes viral, 2) produces 50 high-quality leads (company gives us their email) and/or 3) create a big traffic increase to the business website.

Working Hours: Flexible; 40 hours per week; 2 phone calls per week

Timezone: Mountain Time & Canada)

Salary Payment Dates: Biweekly (1st and 15th)

Skills Needed:
- Great English skills
- Good in Microsoft products (Word, Powerpoint, and Excel)
- Good in Google products (Gmail & Drive)
- Ability to quickly create PowerPoint presentations
- Great research skills,
- Ability to select great pictures to accompany content pieces

Brief Outline of Job Role:
This role requires running our digital marketing efforts and managing another VA resource. A large part will involve researching potential blog post ideas (post titles provided), outlining the structure of the article, and quickly draft the content based on research. After the content piece has been reviewed and posted, create PowerPoint based on the article. Typical articles range from 750-2000 words. We would need about 1-2 articles per week. This person will also run our social media accounts.

Skills Required

  • Research
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Web Content Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing

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