Amazon Sourcing/Sourcer/Arbitrage

Full Time
Sep 15, 2018

Job Overview

I would like to offer anybody with Amazon Sourcing experience a job audition for my business as sourcing products on Amazon. If you are interested in the job the audition will pay $2/hr.

If hired you will be paid $2.50/hr-$4.00/hr depending on skill level.

If you would like to accept this audition there is NO NEED to reply. All you need to do is join my telegram group and READ THE JOB DETAILS which will be listed in the pinned message once you join the group.

Most people use Skype to communicate but I prefer Telegram. If you would like to accept my offer you may do so now by joining the group.

Group Link:

I look forward to having you join our team! (Again, do not respond here, if you have questions you may ask them in the telegram group)

Skills Required

  • Amazon Product Ads

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