Writer Data Entry & Marketing - Good with gaming a plus!

$2 USD per hr paid through Paypal
Full Time
Oct 29, 2018

Job Overview

This is a diverse and happy writing and marketing position for the right qualified applicant. The desired applicant must be willing to try new things and learn. As long as you aim to improve and can do basic orders you should be more than be able to fill this position. The requirements are listed below. Let me know if you have any concerns or questions regarding this flexible position.


  1. Basic knowledge of video games OR willingness to learn much more about video games

  2. Great English writing and reading skills

  3. Able to learn new skills or try new things

  4. A positive attitude

  5. Be over 18+

  6. Able to complete 8hrs of work within 24hrs

Skills Required

  • Writing

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