Alibaba Product Sourcing Expert

Part Time
Oct 30, 2018

Job Overview


I am the proud owner of a company that specializes in skincare and men's accessories in Canada.

I am looking to hire someone who is an expert in product sourcing. You must have experience with Alibaba and familiar with contacting different suppliers.

Your main job will be to contact different suppliers, inquire about pricing for specific products along with minimum order quantities and to develop a relationship with the suppliers in order to get the best pricing possible.

This job requires you to be very proactive, have strong communication and negotiation skills, excellent English grammar, and patient.

The working hours of this job would be between Monday-Friday and within 11:00-18:00/19:00 (Hong Kong Time Zone). This is the best times to contact the different suppliers. You might be required to also communicate via direct e-mail.

Salary will be based on experience and hours. You will be paid based on the quality of your work and any bonuses would be given based on a successful deal. The base salary will be discussed with the final candidates for this position.

For any applications, please send a direct email to bhattisameer at g m a i l. c o m

Skills Required

  • Email Management
  • Lead Generation

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