Dynamic Virtual Assistant & Project Manager

Full Time
Nov 05, 2018

Job Overview

Opportunity Description: Dynamic Virtual Assistant & Project Manager for Zeramex

Application Process
This is a significant hiring decision for me and I am willing to pay well for the right candidate. I have taken a lot of effort to explain it thoroughly so we can both determine if it will be a good fit.
After reading the below, if you are interested please send the following:
-- Shoot a 1-2 minute video of yourself explaining why you would be a fit for the role and include it with your submission.
-- Along with the video link, submit a cover letter about why you are interested in the position and how you can be the best fit for our growing company. Please simplify to 400 words or less and send along with your resume. Also include any applicable links to social media sites, LinkedIn or other online profile, personal website, DISC results or any other information you feel would be helpful.

General Job Description
I am looking for more than just a virtual assistant to conduct administrative tasks.
I am seeking a virtual employee/project manager to help realize the vision of my company through efficient and proactive task prioritization and execution with outstanding communication.
I need an individual who will bring organization, structure, and prioritization to the company so that I can spend my time focusing on strategic tasks to grow and diversify
You will complete direct tasks for the CEO and will oversee a team of freelancers to execute additional tasks in their specialty content writing, website development, affiliate marketing, SEO, CRM coordination, etc). You do not need to be an expert in these specialties but you must be familiar enough to oversee execution and ensure high quality
Responsiveness and quick follow up is necessary. The company is growing and expanding, paramount to this is customer service. All members of the team are focused on the customer first.

About the Company
Company Name: Emerginnova - Innovative Dental Products

Foundation Product: Dental Wellness Surgery
ZERAMEX Zirconia Dental Implants - Unique dental implants that are metal-free and biologically compatible.

Mission of Emerginnova - Creating the Dental Surgery Wellness Training and Implementation:
Our mission is to introduce concepts of Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness in Dental Surgery.

Our core products are healthier for patients and more biologically compatible. They are cosmetically natural and white in color. They do not corrode and do not agitate the soft tissue. We are growing by teaching dentists how to successfully incorporate Wellness Dentistry products and sell these solutions to their health driven patients. Currently, we service about 250 active accounts, and our goal is to reach 500 doctors offering our solutions by 2019.

I want Emerginnova to be synonymous with Healthy Dentistry. I want every patient that has researched the medical benefits of a non-metal implant to be able to find a clinician convenient to their location that can satisfactorily complete their treatment.

Guiding Principles
Our business does not exist without our entire team being fully committed and ADDICTED to these principles.

  1. Customer Service Guides the Decision

  2. Presenting the Healthiest Option to All Solutions

  3. Increasing success by Education

  4. Take Initiative and Problem Solve

  5. Share, Collaborate and Create Awareness

  6. Have Fun and Work Hard

We have Several websites:
is the online shopping store for all products
is the American Based Online site for our main products
is the European site for the main product
- online storefront for
Please visit these sites and review all pages of the site to see the range of our products offered Also must understand the benefits to the patient and how we can promote this message of Healthy Lives and Healthy Smiles.

About Me
You can see my full bio via the links below but here are a few applicable highlights:
Very committed to my now growing family including my wife who assists with the business, managers her own medical business and is expecting our first child in November!

First Time Business Owner - But LifeTime Entrepreneur
Our focus is on leveraging the experience and talents of freelancers to fill in the voids and grow a small business quickly.
Great salesperson. I sell by personality, trust and relating to my customers
Managerial style is to share a desired goal and allow team to help get us to a positive result. I delegate and want you to take initiative. I overly rely on team to understand my vision.
You can read more about my interests, life, and bio on Linkedin.

Technology and Communication Platforms We Will Use
**Note: I am open to exploring alternative recommendations but these are the current solutions I have found to be effective and using currently
Project Management -

Screen Sharing -

Password Management -

Communication - Email hosted by Gmail (making transition from desktop)
Communication - whatsapp,
Communication - (Screencasting)
File Management - Google Docs
Social Media -

CRM and Marketing Automation -

Online store -
Accounting -
Inventory Management -
Shipping -
Outsourcing and Freelancer Strategy concepts -

How We Will Communicate
Weekly video meetings or conference call for 1 to 1.5 hours to plan the week
Day to day communication primarily via skype/whatsapp and email. Text/calls as needed
TeamWork will be used to create and manage all tasks
Weekly/Daily written report to be provided of work accomplished

Basic Requirements
Time Commitment
40+ hours per week to start

4+ years experience as a Virtual Assistant and/or Project Manager serving high-performing, fast-paced entrepreneurs and/or business owners

Skills and Technical Knowledge
Ideally you are project management certified
Highly fluent in using Fiverr, Upwork and similar platforms to secure freelancer talent as needed
Fluent and ideally certified (if applicable) in all technology and communication platforms outlined above

Mentality and Personality Approach to Work
Highly organized and detail oriented, especially w customer follow up!
Enjoy a high-paced, multitasking environment to move many initiatives forward at the same time
Outstanding communicator
VERY proactive thinker
Passionate learner of all new things in productivity, marketing/sales technology, product development cycle

Examples of Tasks You Will Execute Directly
Drive overall calendar, task management and timeline of CEO
Create playbook in Google Docs for entire job role and processes including org chart of roles for handoff should VA not continue in role
Research viability of new business ideas and complete financial forecast using template or leverage freelancer (new pomade, etc)
Shopfiy site development and mgmt
Email management of CEO account and also email from own account
Appointment setting
Workshop and speaking engagement follow-up with coordinators to get over bio, description, etc information to promote the event
Internal marketing strategic planning and execution
Develop and execute internal marketing plan including promotion and launch of online course
Evaluate and rollout new marketing tools mailing campaigns)
Create or modify powerpoint slides for presentations/workshops
Manage live chat on website and transition to freelancer as volume dictates
Research upcoming events to coordinate max exposure during CEO trips
Plan and book travel agenda
Evaluate new exposure channels such as whale, quora, etc
Update online course content and videos
Coordinate playbook development of Accelerator Program
Marketing material printing
Vetting of new leads
Coordinate details of speaking engagements
Create agendas for meetings with prospects
Posting press releases on and distribution to other media contacts
Research and vetting of new freelancers for new skill sets and train them
Direct phone and email Interface with Clients and coordinate execution of tasks with freelancers
Bookkeeping management of transaction booking and work with accounting firm to handle month end reconciliation
Attend webinars, read books, review videos and take summary notes
Personal research and tasks - plan trips, research topics, organize photos
Pay bills as needed
Online ordering of items - Amazon, alibaba, etc.
Final pass review of written content for final approval - blogs, press releases, etc.
Send follow up automated handwritten letters from Thankster, etc.
Project plan and assemble existing and new resources to launch digital book.
Project plan and coordinate with vendor to launch podcast
Stay in touch with people falling off the radar to ask how I can help

List of Current Freelancers/Vendors You Will Oversee
Note: I have worked with freelancers for 2+ years and already have some outstanding providers we will use but we will add additional ones as needed to fill skill gaps. I have also taken the Entreholic course to be effective in finding and hiring the best talent.
You will oversee freelancers with these skills to conduct internal work for Emerginnova/Zeramex and to complete Client work
Graphic design, website design, content writing, social media management, Google Analytics, press releases, Facebook advertising, pay per click mgmt, customer support for online courses, transcription, sales funnel development, animated/whiteboard video, live video editing and final footage
Outsourcing Wizards management (team I use to execute outsourced marketing services for Clients)
Outsourced telemarketing for customer service, lead generation, etc for internal marketing and for Clients
See master task list for all else

Training - How I Will Support You
NOTE: I have subscriptions to membership sites that I will ask you complete to add to or expand your skill sets. They do not have to be done before starting our work together but we will develop a plan for you to complete them soon into the engagement.
Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs Online Course
Detailed product Education
Google Docs and email management protocols
Email management protocol

Skills Required

  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Other Project Management
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Social Media Moderation
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Customer Support
  • Content Moderation
  • Community Forum Moderation
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Email Marketing
  • Editing Proofreading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Research
  • Project Coordinator
  • Human Resource Management
  • Email Management
  • Admin Assistant

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