Ongoing Video Editor

$300US per month for 20 hours per week
Part Time
Nov 06, 2018

Job Overview

Title: Video Editor

I create daily live videos and weekly more-scripted 4-7 minute videos to market my business and brand online. I am looking for a skilled remote video editor who can download raw footage from Dropbox and edit into finished videos for other platforms. This is a permanent, (at least) part-time video editing position. The successful candidate will be someone who can who can craft multiple styles of videos following our systems. You will be working on several styles of videos emphasizing (but not limited to) the types of videos listed below.

You’ll be given clear guidance on what’s required for each video, a clear deadline, and expected editing hours to produce the desired results.
For all the videos we will provide all footage, pictures, voiceover, music, etc., though at times you may need to find some supplemental information online in order to create a given video.
You can work on your own hours, but we need to be able to reliably talk in real-time via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc. at least 1-2x/week at 9 am or 2 pm Pacific time.
We require documentation of your work time in Time Doctor.
We use Asana to communicate about and track our projects
Each project entails making several versions of a video by editing raw footage into a coherent narrative. For instance, you might need to make a full Youtube version with a YouTube-specific end card, then once that’s approved, edit it to have a Facebook-specific end card, and after I specify which 30-60 second segment(s), make one or more mini clips for Instagram and, with a different end card, for Facebook.
Video Set Example (search youtube for female entrepreneur association)
YT Full
FB Full - same video with a specific end card for FB
Mini Clips (For FB and IG) (3-4 of these per video, each one having an IG version and FB version) (search Facebook for Female Entrepreneur Association)
This will be a fixed-rate setup but there will be around 20 hours worth of work a week.

You must be organized, enjoy a structured process, be dedicated and loyal, and be willing to take specific direction and feedback
You must be willing and able to hit assigned deadlines, every time (you will be rewarded for this with a performance-based bonus)You must have access to great internet at all times.
You must be a great communicator, good at following directions, very reliable, and passionate about doing video editing 20 hours a week, long-term, for our company
You must work using the Adobe Suite, especially After Effects and Premiere.
You must be able to easily create a variety of styles of videos following our templates and inside our required timeframes
You must be skillful enough and creative enough to improve our styles and their online performance, without spending too much time or breaking what works about our current templates
You must be able to prioritize which video to finish first by following our priority matrix

Please do not apply unless you have ALL of these requirements. I do not require years of experience or age or a long resume, just hard work and efficient performance.


Clear direction, positive feedback, and constructive guidance for ongoing improvement
Reliable hours and pay, paid every 2 weeks like clockwork
A fair, respectful, communicative, appreciative employer who’s committed to you as well
Bonus pay for excellent performance
Increases in pay over time as productivity and skill and tenure all deepen
Holiday and sick pay and vacation days - not strictly limited if used within reason and with good communication
Knowing your work makes a difference in the lives of thousands of people



To apply, respond with your answers to the following questions:
What do you currently do for work? What are your other responsibilities? Are you able to dedicate at least 10-20 hours per week to this job for the foreseeable future? What might limit your availability?
What hours do you normally work? What hours would you plan on working with us?
Please describe your experience with video editing, including length of time in months/years, # of hours per week during that period, types of projects, any training or mentorship, and software used.
Do you work on a PC or Mac?
Do you know how to work with Adobe CC for video editing?
Do you know how to use ScreenFlow?
Do you know how to edit, improve and fix audio?
Please describe your experience with the project management software Asana?
What are your top 3 skills and/or passions besides video editing?
What’s the last book you read & enjoyed? When? What did you like about it?
What strengths would you bring to our team?
Check out this video: (search for Esther Perel's channel on YouTube)

Please post a link where we can view 1-3 of the videos from your portfolio which most resemble this video? What did you like best about how each one turned out?
What is the number one thing YOU think we should be looking for in a video editor?
What hourly rate do you require? And how many hours per week are you available (a range is fine; we need at least 10 and can commit to no more than 20 per week right now; this may increase in the next 3-6 months)
How long would it take you to edit a video like the ones on the channel above?
What else do you need to know to know whether we’re a good fit?
Who could we contact as a video editing client reference?

PHONE INTERVIEW: We’ll select top candidates for a phone interview. Those who still seem like good choices will be invited to….
AUDITION: We’ll pay you to create a quick video on a particular topic. The best overall candidate at this point will be invited to begin a two-week…
TRIAL PERIOD: there will be a trial period of four weeks total, with feedback after the first 2 weeks and again after the following two weeks. At the end of that 4th week, we will let you know how you are doing and determine if you work well with our company.
GREAT PARTNERSHIP: Our intent is to find a wonderful long-term part of our team! The opening is for a permanent, long-term position with 20 hours a week of work, possibly expanding to full-time if mutually desired.

Skills Required

  • Video Editing

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