Looking for a Graphic Designer for a one shot job

200 US$
Nov 07, 2018

Job Overview

Design of a 3 walls sticker for office elevator displaying the company's core values (dimensions: 140cm width, 103 length, 220cm height; each door 39.5 length )

Timezone: Yangon, Myanmar.

Rent2Own is the first tailored financial solution to help rural entrepreneurs growing their business by buying a motorcycle in rural Myanmar. Launched on January 2016, R2O cumulates today 35 branches all over Myanmar.
Recently, R2O has moved to a new 8 story building and wants to decorate its elevator’s inside (2 side walls and the door), as well as the outside door of each 8 floor.

  1. Expertise

  2. Simplicity

  3. Mobility

  4. Innivation

  5. Responsibility

  6. Team-Spirit

  7. Green

R2O produced a company profile and would like to use the same graphic codes.
A more complete brief with graphic references will be sent to interested candidates.

Skills Required

  • Graphics Editing

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