I have a requirement to have research interviews, recorded as MP3 files transcribed to text.

100 USD / week
Nov 17, 2018

Job Overview

Working Hours

between 9am and 6 pm 


GMT (Ireland)

Salary Payment Dates

Day 1 and day 15 each month

Skills Needed

Complex Microsoft Word document production expertise in a timely and accurate manner

Advanced skills in document production, formatting, revisions / mark-up, transcription, proofreading, generating table of contents; applying styles; cross referencing and template creation is essential;

Able to create, edit, proof read and format contracts, transcript research conversation based on established templates and guidelines, by following house style, using cross referencing, generating table of contents etc

Ability to follow and develop house style and guidelines

Excellent document management and filing skills

Ability to track and manage departmental KPIs, projects, procedures and timelines

Expert knowledge base of Microsoft Word and advanced knowledge of Excel, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat (including indexing documents) and PowerPoint

Excellent writing, editing and oral communication skills

Ability to prioritize, multi-task and work under pressure to meet deadlines

2+ years document support or production related experience

Brief outline of the job role

Taking uploaded audio files (MP3)  from postgraduate research conversations and tanscibing them into defined formats. 

Skills Required

  • Transcription

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