Executive Assistant for Entrepreneurial Private Equity Venture

Full Time
Nov 18, 2018

Job Overview

SMEVentures is a unique private equity venture sourcing opportunities in multiple markets across Europe and Asia Pacific. We are a small, revolving team of like-minded entrepreneurs, each looking for one SME to acquire and operate. We are alumni of of Harvard Business School, INSEAD, and other top-tier business schools, and our collective background spans a range of industries.. We are looking for a team of bright, entrepreneurial people to join us on this journey.


Executive Assistant


The ideal candidate is located in the Philippines and is available to work remotely.

Time Requirement

9am-6pm Singapore time, M-F


You should be ready to wear multiple hats and to do whatever the business requires. Because SMEVentures is a new business, your responsibilities will vary and will likely change regularly. They will include the following:

  • Cold calling small businesses to set appointments

  • Receiving inbound calls and setting appointments

  • Respond to chat inquiries on website and social media

  • Coordinating meetings over email, chat, and phone

  • Researching companies and analyzing them against our investment criteria

  • Researching and cold calling to identify business owners and their contact info

  • Diligently maintaining and updating data in our CRM

  • Contacting potential recruits and setting appointments

  • Maintaining job postings on dozens of recruiting websites

  • Communicating daily with SMEVentures staff via videoconference, message, phone, and email


  • Superhuman productivity. You’re able to produce the results of 3 normal humans in the same amount of time and with the same level of accuracy.

  • Results-driven. You are motivated by what you produce more than by the hours you log, and you are ready to be held accountable accordingly.

  • Action-oriented. You would rather DO than stall. You’d rather be super busy and highly efficient than relaxed.

  • Personable. Not only will you have to get along very well with us, as we’ll be working together daily, but you’ll also need to earn the immediate love and admiration of everyone you speak to on the phone.

  • Reliable and diligent. You don’t like to be babysat, and you don’t need to be, because you do everything you’re responsible for doing (and then some) without being asked twice. You’re there when you’re needed, on time and ready, and you look forward to anticipate what will need to be done tomorrow, not just today.

  • Contagious positivity. We work hard, but we love it. You should too.

  • Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity and computer. You will be holding regular phone and video calls over the internet. If your internet or your hardware fails, our business suffers.

  • Native-level English. You are comfortable communicating in a professional and sophisticated manner in both spoken and written English.

  • High-quality headset. You will be using this often, and it’s very important that you can communicate clearly with both your colleagues and third parties.

  • Quiet, dedicated working environment. You will regularly be taking important calls with senior executives. Background noises are a no-go.

Additional Qualities

  • Native-level proficiency in an Asian or European language

  • Previous startup or entrepreneurial experience

  • Previous sales experience


  • Exposure to a niche and innovative private equity model

  • Coaching from a global team of accomplished business professionals

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Research
  • Travel Planning
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Representative
  • Telemarketing
  • Social Media Moderation
  • Appointment Setter
  • Recruitment Assistant

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