E-Mail Marketing: To Send Sales Emails and Make Follow up Calls on Behalf of the Sales Director in Hong Kong.

USD500 per month
Full Time
Nov 30, 2018

Job Overview

Working Hrs: 9-6

Times Zone (same as Phils)

Salary on the 1st and 15th 

Attention to Detail in sending the Right E-mail to the Right Person


JOB DESCRIPTION: I am looking for a diligent assistant to send e-mails to potential clients in Hong Kong. I will provide the list of clients and the template. All you have to do is put in the correct person's name and job title and send. You will then need to telephne the e-mail you have emails to ensure they have got and read your emails and register any interest they have. 

Every evening, my office in Hong Kong will send you the email contact lists or links from which you can get the contacts and your job will be to send emails. 

You will NOT be required to reply or telephone them. We will do all the follow up from any responses your sent emails get. 


We are good employers (Hong Kong's longest serving magazine company) and we reward good work. My company is and we have been in operatiosn for more than 20 years in Hong Kong. 





Skills Required

  • Email Management
  • Speaking
  • Writing

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