Media Assistant - Video Editor, Graphic Design, Social Scheduling

$200-$300 per month depending on experience
Part Time
Dec 11, 2018

Job Overview

Desired Start Date: ASAP

Compensation: $200-$300 per month depending on experience

Working Hours: Part Time - 20hrs per week

Location: Remote

If you don't love your work, you're in the wrong place…


-Get stuff done

-Set & achieve goals

-Work under pressure

-Be detailed & organized

-Live a healthy, active lifestyle

-Be part of a young & energetic team

-Learn & grow professionally


PASSION - We only want to surround ourselves with passionate people who love what they do. You must LOVE video editing & graphic design.

HUMOUR - While work can get serious, we all love to joke around & lighten up the atmosphere. You must be able to work hard while staying light enough to laugh & make others laugh with some funny stuff.

HUNGER - A hunger for personal growth… growth of skills that take you one step closer to your ideal life. We spend a lot of time on personal & professional growth & need people we can invest in that grow and flourish. A positive attitude & continuous learning/ improvement mindset is a must.


This is a part time position in on our growing team that does listing creation for Amazon sellers.

As media assistant you'll help with scheduling, posting, and writing short descriptions for content for our audience of Amazon sellers.

Video editing with basic but professional looking effects, & graphic design for video thumbnails & blog images is required.


-Unlimited growth potential for A-players

-1 personal development related book per month

-We pay your internet bill after working with us for 3 months

-Extensive opportunity to learn, grow and advance your skills and career


-Posting & scheduling social media content using Buffer

  • Uploading Youtube & facebook videos with optimized descriptions

  • Drafting email & messenger bot sequences to be touched up by copywriters

  • Posting to Facebook and Instagram stories 

-Editing videos: 

  • Video editing with basic but professional looking effects

  • clipping out umms and speech mistakes

  • Adding text banners onto the screen

  • Pulling out smaller clips from each longer video to post on social media (video must be 1:1 dimension at have text on screen).

  • Making videos more engaging to watch with vlog editing style

-Graphic Design:

  • Creating eye catching, professional looking video thumbnails

  • Creating motivational quote images for social media posts

  • Creating professional level infographics for blog posts


-Strong understanding of Facebook & Instagram platforms

-Professional video editing skills

-Graphic design skills good enough to create professional looking video thumbnails

-A strong eye for small visual details

-Audio editing skills for podcast (not mandatory but an asset)

-A problem solver mindset and an unwillingness to give up


Answer these questions to the best of your ability. Your answers to these questions will determine how you stand out compared to other applicants more than anything.

1. If you could choose just one activity to dedicate your life to, what would it be and what would you ultimately want to achieve in that activity?

2. Describe in full detail the situation where you most took FULL responsibility for a major mistake, and how you responded to fix it.

3. What is the major setback in your life you are most proud of overcoming, and how did you do it?

4. Include an example of your most relevant graphic design work related to this position (video thumbnails, social media posts)

5. Include an example of video editing you have done


Skills Required

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphics Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Podcast Editor (Audio Editor)

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