Dec 20, 2018

Job Overview


We are looking for a super-star Amazon Marketer to work with us long-term with the ability to work full-time after a 2 month part-time testing period.


This person will be completely responsible for the product marketing cycle on amazon with tasks including:



-Product Launch Strategy and optimization


-KW Research

-On-going Facebook Funnels

-Ranking Consistently for new keywords

-Optimizing Conversion Rate




-Enhanced brand content Detail Pages

-On-Going Reviews


-Product Bundling

-Create and Manage Amazon PPC

-Increase # Repeat Customers

-Increase Average Order Value



If you have any question about what the tasks above are, please do not apply. We are looking for someone with a high level of experience launching and ranking Amazon products



Workspace Requirements:

* Contractor must have a home office including the following requirements:

**** 15 Mbps/download and 3 Mbps/upload high-speed internet minimum but prefer 20 Mbps or more (Negotiable; If you are awesome, we will figure it out.)

**** Webcam for video call

**** RAM: 4GB of higher


What We Offer

- Work days are Monday through Friday

- Work times are 8am to 12pm US Central Timezone

- Pay ranges from $500 to $2000 USD per month depending on experience

- Paid monthly via Paypal


If you think you are a superstar please proceed. If any part of the above job description makes you nervous, please don't.



Skills required:


• Marketing & Sales

   - Email Marketing

   - Facebook Marketing

   - SEM

   - SEO

   - Social Media Marketing


• Advertising

   - Amazon Product Ads

   - Creative advertising

   - Facebook Ads

   - Google AdWords


email us with the subject line: I'm a Rockstar Amazon Marketer

Skills Required

  • Research
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords

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