Dec 20, 2018

Job Overview


We are looking for a Shopify Developer who will be helping us develop our Shopify store. You will play a key role in building our company’s web presence.



- You have 5+ years Front-end Development experience

- You have a portfolio of quality, self-coded responsive web projects

- You are a wizard at creating captivating user experiences through today’s leading technology stacks

- You have a strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, responsive design, general web functions and standards

- You have experience with Shopify and liquid experience (or have a track record of learning templating languages quickly)

- You thrive in a high freedom, high responsibility environments

- You’re a low ego and high sense of humor (your personality doesn’t suck)

- You’re looking to work in a truly collaborative setting with other creatives and are generally fun to work with

- You have a strong passion for front-end architecture as well as driven attitude towards learning new web technologies

- You have excellent ability to convert mockups into interactive digital experiences

- You have demonstrated proficiency in hand-coding (not WYSIWYG) HTML using semantic markup, and CSS layout / positioning

- You have experience using JS Frameworks (jQuery, etc.)

- You have a solid understanding of cross-browser/platform issues and code solutions

- You have excellent time management, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills

- You have a good understanding of conversion rate optimization or data-driven product development (analytics, a/b testing, etc.)

- You have experience integrating dynamic content solutions with AJAX or API Services

- You are versed in agile development and best practices



- Have worked with Out of the Sandbox themes before

- Have more than a little experience in Illustrator/Photoshop


Workspace Requirements:

* Contractor must have a home office including the following requirements:

**** 15 Mbps/download and 3 Mbps/upload high-speed internet minimum but prefer 20 Mbps or more (Negotiable; If you are awesome, we will figure it out.)

**** Webcam for video call

**** RAM: 4GB of higher


What We Offer

- Work days are Monday through Friday

- Work times are 8am to 12pm US Central Time Zone

- Pay ranges from $500 to $2000 USD per month depending on experience

- Paid monthly via Paypal


If you think you are a superstar please proceed. If any part of the above job description makes you nervous, please don't.


Very important! Hundreds of people will apply for this job. The only way we could filter everyone and find out if you are THE ONE we are looking for ways to create a (hopefully fun) challenge.


Skills required:


• Web Development

   - Javascript

   - Mysql

   - PHP

   - Shopify


• Webmaster

   - Content Management

   - Cpanel

   - Css

   - Drupal

   - Ecommerce / Shopping Carts

   - Google analytics

   - Html

   - Joomla

   - Managing Servers

   - PSD to HTML

   - Webmaster Tools

   - Wordpress


• Graphics & Multimedia

   - Web page Design

Skills Required

  • Shopify

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