Social Media and Forum Sales

Dec 27, 2018

Job Overview

This is a COMMISSION only job

And this is a part time job as it does not require to work full time. 

The amount is 5 percent of sales revenue

The work hours are up to YOU.  You must make the sales happen and do your own research on how to sale.   I don’t care how many hours or when do you work.  All I care is that you make SALES.

Commission Payout is paid on a weekly basis

You do not need to verbaly converse with client.  All you need to do is text with them or dm with them on social media platforms/forums.  


This is an internet sales job.  Your job is to actively promote our products on social media and forums to facilitate sales.  We will provide training materials to get you familiarize with the products; but you have to do your own research outside of the learning material we give you. 


We will provide you with a gmail account, Instagram account and a google voice number


You job is to roam around forums, instagrams, facebook or anywhere to make sales happen. 



Our sales average about 4000 dollars USD in the first month (commission of  80 dollars)

The second month our sales average 8000 USD a month (160 dollar in commission)

Third Month usually our sales average about 11,000 USd a month ( a commission of  220 dollars)

I have a sales that have been with us for 7 months and average about 30,000 dollar USD a month meaning that makes  600 dollar doing a part time job a month.

I can provide the proof with screenshots of a sales’ CRM

Skills Required

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