Highly motivated and responsible? We need a superstar "media buyer" on our team!

Full Time
Jan 04, 2019

Job Overview

Hey there!





We're looking for an ambitious, responsible person to manage our advertisement buying.

If you're looking for a dynamic, slightly chaotic and FUN place to work... and you're well organised, responsible and work hard - and enjoy big bonuses - let's work together!

This is a full-time job for the long-term, with stable - good - pay, bonuses, 13th month etc.

If you already work at least part-time and/or run your own business please do not apply - I need someone 100?dicated for this position!

What will be required from you:

-Managing our ad spend - multiple thousands of dollars per day! So if you're not responsible and well organised... this is not for you!

-Creating new campaigns, working with our copywriter

-Analyzing results, statistics, deciding which campaigns to grow and which to "cut"

Who is an ideal candidate?

-Solid English language skills (especially written)

-Proactive, innovative - you're responsible for making things work better!

-Please start your application with 'I like christmas trees' to prove that you read this posting

-Motivated to achieve improvements that result in bonuses

-Well organised and structured - don't be late, be responsible!

What you can expect from this job:

-Long-term and full-time

-Good/very good salary (initially lower, later depending on performance increases - our top current virtual employees earn upwards of $1000/month)


-Something new every day, dynamic

-Responsibility and respect!

In your application please explain why you think you would be a good fit (based on requirements, people we're looking for) and also mention if you have any experience with the following:

-Affiliate offers / Affiliate marketing

-Voluum tracker

-Paid traffic, advertising networks

Looking forward to your application!

Skills Required

  • Writing

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