Lead Generation expert / Great English speaking and writing skills

$5 to $8 depending on experience / expertise
Part Time
Jan 12, 2019

Job Overview

I am looking for help in the following areas:

Email Marketing to current patients - must be knowledgeable with Campaign Monitor:

*come up with creative ways of asking patients for a referral from a friend / family member

*come up with creative ways of asking patients for google / FB review

*email recently discharged patients to let them know we will offer a free screen to a friend or family member

*2 emails per month of interesting blog posts

*email one question per month to engage patients to get a response

* in your reply, please let me know who the current president of Mexico is?

Email marketing - past patients

* once per month - draft an interesting email to get past patients to come back to our clinic

* 2 emails per month of interesting blog posts

* email a question to get them engaged

Physician Marketing

*Write thank you notes to all referring physicians

* Update letters sent out to all referring physicians

* send online google / fb reviews to referring physicians

* help with the direct mail listings to the "Dream 30" list

* send letters to patients to get them to refer us to their MD

Direct Mail

* Help with mailing out the Newsletter

* Send out welcome to the clinic postcards to all new patients

* thank you for coming postcards to all recently discharged patients

* mail out the newsletter to all past patients

Text Message

* text message all current patients for google / fb review

Facebook marketing

* create interesting blog posts for the FB group

* encourage members to ask questions / share stories

* share 1 testimonial per week inside the FB group

Skills required:

• Marketing & Sales

   - Direct Mail Marketing

   - Email Marketing

   - Facebook Marketing

Skills Required

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing

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