Website Developer

$600 / month
Full Time
Feb 05, 2019

Job Overview


My name is Matt and I work in Colorado which is the Mountain Time Zone in the United States.  I don't care what hours you work.  If you want to work when I do that is fine but due to the time difference it might be best for you to work during your normal daylight hours.  We will need to communicate in the begining but once you've got my system down you can work whenever it is convenient for your schedule.  I only care that you get your work done, but not when you get it done. 


  • PHP

  • CSS3

  • HTML

  • Javascript (Some)

  • for writing code

  • Use of Evernote and Sugar Sync Apps


I am looking for a web developer and code writer.  I do not do Wordpress and I will not utilize that for any of my clients.  I also don't utilize Bootstrap for responsive design.  I require the following:

  • All of my websites need to be HTML5, CSS3 and PHP designed.  I may require some custom javascript but that is rare.

  • All of my websites are coded by hand and they are very clean code.  This is a requirement as I don't want code bloat.

  • I use Perch Content Mangement System for all of the content management requirements for my clients.  Perch is PHP/ MySQL database content management system.  I love it and I want to use it for all of my clients.  I obviously purchase the license for every project.  If you are interested in learning a little more please Google Perch CMS. 

  • All of my websites clear W3C validation on every page. 

  • I utilize JSON-LD for important pages to provide schema markup. 

  • For responsive design I utilize CSS grid layout with a Flexbox fallback and multiple breakpoints.  I design websites for IE10+ and every other major browser.

  • I will lead the design effort and tell you what I want done. 


I will pay weekly. 


The good thing about the way I design is once you figure out what I'm looking for my system remains the same for every client.  I'm also very loyal so I'm looking for a long-term relationship with someone who wants to grow with my business.

Skills Required

  • Javascript
  • Mysql
  • PHP
  • Content Management
  • Cpanel
  • CSS
  • Google analytics
  • HTML
  • Web page Design

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