Virtual Bookkeeper for Real Estate and Construction Repairs

Feb 10, 2019

Job Overview


I am seeking a bookkeeper to work on real estate projects (I buy houses, fix them up, and resell them).  The work includes tracking costs in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, and making sure that each cost is connected to the correct property.  The more challenging work is to track the expenses on a project to what the contractor's bid was.


Working Hours: I am flexible.  This is a job where accuracy matters the most, being thorough matters a lot, productivity matters, but being at a desk at a specific time is less important.  As long as you track your time, and don't need a lot of oversight or management, then you can set your own schedule. There will be times when we need to be able to talk by phone / Skype.


Time Zone: New York, United States.  To talk by phone, the best times for me are 5:30am-7am and 5pm-6:30pm.  Mostly I expect to communicate by email and in shared documents.


Salary: Paid each week.


Skills: Bookkeeping.  Keeping lists.  Tracking items to follow up on, some of which falls under "project management".  


If you have experience creating bookkeeping systems from scratch, and are good at suggesting ways that would help solve problems that are encountered, that would be a big help.  


What you can learn: This is an opportunity to work with a small investor, so the task will be varied and you will get a sense of the overall business.  Although bookkeeping is the primary responsibility of this job, there will be other tasks that will make the work more interesting (unless bookkeeping is all that you want to do).  


Thank you!


Skills Required

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Other Project Management

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