Excellent Market Researcher ... for Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for busy Women over 40

Feb 13, 2019

Job Overview

We believe … in every woman’s right to really enjoy her life, to feel alive, vibrant, healthy, sexy, elegant, confident … at any age. 

We are looking for excellent part-time researchers who can work with us long-term. 

Our aim is to find valuable high-quality and engaging content (tips, news, research, people stories, …), influencers/experts and potential sponsors on the following topics to attract & grow our audience: 

Health & Wellness – Nutrition – Fitness - Beauty & Style - Intimacy & Relationships - Mindset – Biohacking 

We are particularly interested in content that … 

  • Makes a true difference in a woman’s life … and does NOT just follow fads. To do so, we are particularly interested in information from the biohacking & (anti)aging field 

We will use the information you find … and structure … to … 

  • Define our content strategy 

  • Create outstanding content including articles for the Jeunessima Magazine & website, Facebook Lives, podcasts, educational programs, … 

  • Invite the best experts from around the world to contribute 


  • Great ability to identify & source relevant influencers/experts and/or content quickly & efficiently …  content that is already trending … and new content 

  • Excellent understanding of academic research studies & publications 

  • An analytical mind 

  • Ability to handle data to work in quantitative research 

  • Interest in psychology and behavioral science for qualitative research 

  • Methodical and well organized 

  • Excellent English 

  • Accurate and clear written skills when producing questionnaires and reports 

  • Ability to take responsibility and handle pressure 

  • Excellent communication skills 


  • You have a medical background 

The top candidates will start with a little test project (paid), so we know if we are a good fit for each other. 

If you are interested, please create a short video or audio (maximum 3 minutes) to share with us how you would approach research to understand a market. 

Please also send us a short CV, so we can understand your background better. 

When applying, please put the word ‘AGEless’ into the subject line as details play a crucial role for this position. We will delete all applications that do not contain the keyword, video/audio and CV without further notification. 


About Us 

Jeunessima is a unique company that helps women across the world to really enjoy life look and feel their best at any age. At Jeunessima we offer women entrepreneurs and business women over 40 information, training, guidance and lifestyle experiences around 

Health, Wellness & Bio Finesse – Nutrition – Wellness – Beauty & Style – Sex & Relationships – Mindset – Elegant & luxurious Lifestyle 

Skills Required

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Marketing Project Management

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