Virtual Assistant (Registered Nurse)

Full Time
Feb 15, 2019

Job Overview

Job Description:

1. Perform basic services for clients like answering emails, phone calls, making travel arrangements and bookings, typing letters or documents etc. 

2. Perform database management, data entry, account keeping, calendar, and appointment management etc.

3. Work on basic equipment for providing online services like computers, laptops, internet, online calling and conducting video conferences etc.

4. Communicate and coordinate with other staff members to perform his /her job responsibilities well.

5. Write daily articles, documents, and forms etc. as per the requirements of the organization.

6. Work on their performance improvement so as to provide efficient and effective services to the clients

7. Maintain necessary documentation pertaining to the job and monthly logs & reports.


1. At least 6 months to a year experience in a call center setting

2. Familiar with EMR/EHR

3. HIPAA trained

4. Registered Nurse

Skills Required

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