Paid Ads Expert required (FB and Google Ads)

between 400 and $500 per month
Full Time
Feb 28, 2019

Job Overview

Hi folks,

I'm looking to hire a Facebook Ads / Google / Youtube Ads specialist.

You must have experience of all 3.

We're looking to pay between $400 and $500 per month for this full time position (7 hours a day = 35 hours a week)

We're looking for your expertise in all three of these areas so that we can run adverts for ourselves and for our clients.

When applying, I'd like to know

- Example ads.

- How much Ad spend you've spent

- Anything else that may help work out who to hire.

We're lookign for someone with experience (no newbies) - it's our clients money that we'll be spending, and I need to know we're spending it right.


So hit me up - use the word 'ostrich' in your reply so that i can see what youve read the advert correctly !

We have a small time, you can work whenever is right for you, and we're all very friendly.

So come and say hi and let me know how you can help,



Skills Required

  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords

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