E-commerce Product Lister / Store Manager, Flexible Hours, No Experience, FULL TIME

Full Time
Mar 15, 2019

Job Overview

E-commerce Product Lister / Store Manager

We are running a long time E-Commerce business.

We are currently looking to hire full time E-Commerce Product Lister.

No experience is required. We will provide FULL TRAINING.

If you're eager, hard-working, willing to grow with us on this Journey, have a good heart, you are welcome to apply.

We are looking to create a very family type yet a hard working culture where work must be done as stated.

You will be working with the best of the best in this industry. The top 1%.

Open communication with me will be very important.

Type of work

The work is full time.

  • Creating quality product listings

  • Creating professional images using photoshop, canava or any other image editing tool

  • Rewriting product descriptions and creating optimized titles

  • Communicate and Liaise with manufacturers if needed

  • Re-stock, Re-adjust quantities and prices

  • Various little other multi-tasking work.

  • Full Training Provided.


Required Skills

  • A Good hearted person, This is a must to work with me

  • Efficiency in English, must be enough for business communication, mostly through message and talking.

  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Canva, PicMonkey, BeFunky is MUST!

  • Ability to notice small details.

  • eBay Experience, Manual listing, listing with variations will be great addition but not absolutely necessary.

  • Must have Skype for Instant Messaging for Team Communication. You are free to send me a message at any time and any second. Communication will be most important.



Remember this is a full time Job.

Step 1 – First 2 months (Training, Working Under Supervision; Probation; Job can be terminated at anytime if we feel you may not be able to handle the job) -- $300 a month.

Step 2 – On the third and fourth month (working under supervision) -- $350 a month

Step 3 – Listing Bonus will be applied starting on the 5th Month as Below. (Sooner if work is learnt fast)


Bonus Tiers


No mistake with inventory - $50 Bonus

Completing listing quota without compromising quality - $50 Bonus


Reaching $80000 a month sales with meeting the criteria above -- $100 Bonus.

Reaching $100000 a month sales & meeting the criteria above -- $150 Bonus.

$120000 - $100 Bonus

$140000 - $100 Bonus

$160000 - $100 Bonus

$180000 - $100 Bonus

$200000 - $200 Bonus

Meeting the above top 2 criteria will make you eligible for $100 in Bonus every month.

$350 (Base Salary) + $100 = $450

Reaching $80000 a month sales and meeting the top 2 criteria above will make you eligible for $200 in Bonus every month.

$350 (Base Salary) + $200 (Sales Bonus) = $550 a month.

Reaching $100000 in sales a month will make you eligible for $600 a month. $350 (Base Salary) + $250 (Sales Bonus) = $600 a month

Reaching $180000 in sales a month will make you eligible for $1000 a month. $350 (Base Salary) + $650 (Sales Bonus) = $1000 a month.

Payment is made semi monthly via paypal. Bonuses are paid off at end of the month (second half of the month).

These sales figures are easily achievable as you will see once you have been selected after the interview.

For product listing managers, it is extremely important, in fact the most important thing to look after the top 2 criteria.

Inventory and Quality Criteria – Under most circumstances, negative feedbacks are given not due to incorrect listing and inventory management.

This means listings needs to be accurate from image and description to price and stock availability.


Interview Process

Once the job has been posted. We will wait one week before we will contact you after your application.

There will be a 2 Interview process.

Interview 1 will be via skype video and will be for about 15 minutes where we will get to know each other and I ask you some general questions and qualification. (In order to be selected for this interview you will need to submit example of edited photo)

Interview 2 will be for around 60 minutes and I’ll be testing various tasks including creating images. We will pay you $3 for the 60 minutes of Interview 2.

Total Interview Time – 75 minutes


Working Hours

Please note that we will be working on EST Time. Philippines is 12 hours ahead of EST Time.

This is a full time job. Which means you will be working 6-9 hours daily as long as you can complete your daily task.

After the training period, your Timings can be very flexible. You can work whenever you feel like working as long as you finish your daily task.

Finally please note that for the first few months, you will be working under my supervision and your timings may not be too flexible then. However, after the first few months, you are free to choose your work schedule as long as you can finish you daily task.


Why work with us?

We’ve been in this online business for 7+ Years.

We have a few other successful businesses apart from this. We’re literally expanding every year. We are experienced entrepreneurs.

You will be working with the best of the best in the industry. We are the most hard working people you will know and we will most likely be working harder than you at any given day. This means you will be working with people very dedicated to their business. We’re building for the Long Term!

While we work Hard, we are very Open-Minded, Easy-Going and Down to Earth People.

You are free to share your ideas to make the work more efficient. Making mistakes is acceptable. We understand we are all humans. But making the same mistakes again and again will not be acceptable. Whenever you have made a mistake, kindly communicate with me openly. You’ll be surprised how understanding we can be.

I’m focused on building a responsible family like environment.

I encourage open communication with me. If there is absolutely anything in your mind, let me know.

Finally, if you are a Good Hearted Person, THIS IS THE place for you to apply.

Are you ready? Then click to apply for this job!


Please Answer the following Questions

  1. What is your special skills when it comes to image editing, image collage, removing background, creating professional images etc ? Any experience? Please describe. The more, the better.

  2. If you’ve made some mistakes, just a small one, and you know exactly how to fix it, what actions would you take to resolve the mistakes

  3. Please provide an example of image that you created with this application.

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing

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