Experienced copywriters wanted keyword researching and prior experience is preferable with excellent ENGLISH! Contact now for soonest employment!

Full Time
May 07, 2019

Job Overview

Hello, we're a company actively selling on amazon and  right now we searching for several persons to join our team. We're looking for smart and adequate hardly working persons only. This is a permanent job for people whos willing to get a stabile employment with reasonable pay rate and salary paid every week directly to your Payoneer account.

Task : ****  we need people only with excellent knowledge of english language, so if your english is too low level do not waste our and your time!

          **** all training will be given in pre-recorded videos also on special webinars to make you understand the task better!

          **** You will be creating a text for amazon listings, that's why we need you to understand/write/read english like your own language, you should be able to type a simple text in english, should be able to understand which keywords are related to the particular items and which are useless and just a waste .

          **** This is a full time work and we do expect that you will be working at least 8 hours 5-6 days per week. ( if you can work 7 days , for example take 3-4 hours on Sunday, that's fine for us) That's why if you can not work 8 hours per day do not apply.

          **** You will be given special software to make your task much easier so and further instructions on how to use those softwares.

          **** All task shall be stored to google drive  word document shared with us and also stored to a special working document, so that we could easily access your work and see if it's correctly done.


Payment  **** You will get paid ONLY FOR MADE JOB! Sorry, no hourly payments here! To do this task takes aproxemately half an hour, so for the beginning we are offering you 1$ per made task. Ideally if you will be working 8 hours per day you can expect to make at least 15$-16$ per day just for doing rutine work and believe us, we do this ourselves and we know what it takes to do.

For no we have at least 2 positions available, we have a general skype chat where you will be added if you pass interview and where you can contact our team, they are all from Philipines (over 20 people as for today), you can be sure - we're legit company and pay salary! We expect to find good workers for long term! Good luck!

Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Speaking
  • Translation
  • Tutoring Teaching
  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Personal Assistant

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