Visual art: Social media community building for an art page!

2$ - 5$ /hour
Part Time
May 11, 2019

Job Overview

Applying for this job means you will be working half time with an emerging artist who won dozens of prizes, exhibited internationally and got featured in some of the top art magazines in the world (fubiz, VICE, beautiful decay, etc.) . You will be responsible for tasks within the field of the arts and ‘hustle marketing’ online courses. In this job you will be responsible for two tasks.

1) Interacting with potential prospects on social media (community building & lead generation)

2) Online research


Essential skills:

- Fluently in English.

- Interest and a love for visual art and a desire to spread information/content around visual arts.

- customer friendliness and a helpful attitude.

- Trustworthiness and honesty are essential.

- Responsiveness.


Essential Equipement:

- Needs to have access to a smartphone and/or a laptop with internet connections at all time.


What you get:

- You will be paid 2$ - 5$ an hour.* Their will be regular feedback moments with potential raises. First 2month 2$ an hour (2 month probation period), 3th-8th month 2,5$ an hour (negotiable). After the 8th month you are elegible for raises of up to 5$/hour

- There are bonuses.

- You will learn how to build pages and create communities on social media platforms (one of the highest in demand jobs, which will give you job security for the next 20 years)

- Free access to all online courses given by the artist (each course is valued around 60$)


Probation period (2month):

- 2$/hour = 160$/month  (nogotiable to 2,5$ /hour if you have experience with community building online)   20 hours/week    


6 month agreement:

- 2,5$/ hour = 200$/month      20/hours/week

- bonuses

- free access to courses

- elegible for raises up to 5$ an hour after the 6 month agreement


Working hours:

Working hours will vary depending on the task you are performing. The research aspect has no fixed time table so you can choose your own hours but there are deadlines and quotums to meet. The social media aspect needs to be done during the optimal times for social media. Approximately in between 4.30pm - 11pm (Brussels time, UTC+1) 



Not required but appreciated skills (extras):

- Experience in sales

- Experience with social media

- Happy and positive personality

- Writing skills (copywriting, blogging, etc.)


What you need to do and things to know:

- Send me a message explaining and answering the following 3 questions (max 350 words):

1)What’s your relationship with the visual arts. 2) Explain why you want to bring more awareness to the social media content of a painter. 3) Why do you want to build a career in the sector of the visual arts? People who don’t do this will not be taken into consideration. After this 5-10 people will be selected for an interview with the artist of about 15 minutes.

- You will receive and sign agreements, but there will be no official contracts in the beginning.

- For both tasks you will receive execution scripts that need to be followed.


* All currency refferences are in USD 

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Web Content Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Support
  • Instagram Marketing

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