Website development, Uploading to Digital Ocean and Bitlaunch

Full Time
May 17, 2019

Job Overview

Our company is searching for a full time employee to create websites and upload them to Digital Ocean servers; make sure you know how to use Digital Ocean (even better if you are familiar with Bitlaunch). 

Besides Extensive/prior experience in developing websites, what we do require is:

•    To be fluent in English

•    We want someone who is great at communication,

•    Have a good attitude

•    Open to learning and applying new things

•    Flexibility: able to check on things outside of your work hours if necessary

•    Be available to work 5-6 days / a week - 8/10 hours day (FULL TIME JOB)

•    Access to high speed internet is a must

•    Change timezone to work employer’s timezone 


$300 a month paid out bi monthly. Training will be provided for any internal software and operations, and as such, we have a very strong team which support each other, so rest assured you will be in good hands.

Skills Required

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Wordpress

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