Mentoring - Can you help a UK Citizen

up to Forty US cents a minute - $24.00 per hour.
Jun 20, 2019

Job Overview

The citizens of the UK may be born into the top 5% of earners in the world. Just by accident of birth. With an education system that creates a top section of society of around 10% of the population. Many people hated school, were failed by the school, and their education does not match their abilities and potential — a broken system adding to the numbers of broken adults.

They may have turned to crime, drink or drugs to take away the daily grind of comfortable misery. We have many charities that are a great help to our people like - Back on Track - based in Manchester UK. (google it)

Like me, they could have had mental health issues, and it is a hard and long road back.

I am looking for people who can help people to help themselves. We can answer quick questions but to help the client they must want to help themselves. Can we help them turn the light bulb on and see that they do have good choices? Opportunities are out there. Help is out there, but you have to ask.

In a country with a comprehensive safety net, how do we make sure that people at the bottom have a route to their top if they chose to use it?

We are setting up a website which will be like mum, dad, Grandma and Grandad online. If a UK citizen has a problem in life, they will find our site. There will be lots of information on the landing page/sales funnel related to their enquiry. Also, a button to;




With an "expert" related to their enquiry. Often a 10-minute chat will solve or start the citizen with positive choices.

There will be an extensive range of topics for citizens over 18 to contact the website. So many issues, so many problems. Can we help create opportunities?

Example "Wee Jimmy hated school he was from a single parent family, mum was a drunk with a different "uncle" for Jimmy every other weekend. Because he was smaller than average and looked more like a girl than a boy he was bullied at school and education was the last thing he was looking for.

He soon got into the drug scene and Big John, the local big dealer, took a shine to him, making him one of his bouys and a small-time dealer. From this Wee, Jimmy managed to make a living, got into motorbikes and buying and selling cheap stuff. He could manage money and deal but to often being wasted meant he made lots of bad choices.

Now at 21 Wee Jimmy is not so pretty any more, Big John has been stabbed, and a new Big Man is in charge who likes the ladies.

Wee Jimmy has two months left on his flat, his motorbikes been repossessed, he as £45.63 left and no prospects. He still has his smartphone and types "Fecked" in Google, by good SEO, he lands on our website, and YOU are his only hope."

Can you make the difference?

How does someone in the UK get from the bottom of the pit and get to a point where waking up in the morning is a pleasure something to look forward to.

In a country that has a safety net system, where there are second world opportunities why has Wee Jimmy ended up here and how do we help get him to a better place.

Example "Wendy runs a small business as part of her tasks she has to drive all over the local area. She was carrying 10 points on her driving licence, and today another notice of intended prosecution turned up in the post. This offence will be another 3 points and a ban. A driving ban will affect her ability to do her job!"

How do you advise her on what to do?

Example "Clive is worried by a strange growth on the side of his face. It started small, but now it is getting quite big, and people are commenting."

Could you talk to Clive and point him in the right way to get this sorted and get back to his happy life.

There are about 30 million people in the UK for lots of different reasons that need help. They need in the first instance, a voice to take away the pressure and pain they have today.

Then they need an analysis of their life, their skills, their abilities and their desires. A mentoring program can be the help that gets them hitting their Personal Bests (PB's) One day, they wake up and realise that they are not competing against anyone else but themselves. That every new day, we try to make it better than yesterday (PB's).

It is time to help the citizens of the UK achieve their full potential

----->>>> Help Make Britain Great Again.

They say we are as smart as the average of the five smartest people we know. Let's raise the UK smart factor by being a friend and guide to people who need a little help. For the price of a couple of drinks, you could turn on the switch, that light bulb moment. For the price of a few drinks every week, you could be mentoring a person out of hell and into a great today.

Interested? Check out the BoT website to get a good picture of what we will be doing. In a sea of misery, people need a life guide.

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Tutoring Teaching
  • Writing
  • Customer Support
  • Phone Support

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