Virtual Assistant For Processing Orders, Set Hours - Monday To Saturday, Part Time Or Full Time, No Experience

Aug 01, 2019

Job Overview

We are running multiple E-Commerce businesses.

We are currently looking to hire part time or full time Order Processor for our eBay and/or Amazon drop-shipping stores.

If you're eager, hard-working, willing to grow with us on this journey, have a good heart, you are welcome to apply.

We are looking to create a very family type yet a hard working culture where work must be done as stated.

You will be working with the best of the best in this industry. The top 1%.

Open communication with us will be very important.


Each day you will log into eBay store where you will find all the orders. You will need to purchase the items from supplier. All orders must be accurate and finished by the end of each day. You will also keep records on google sheets and ensure that all information is complete.


  • Good hearted person. This is a MUST to work with us.

  • Efficiency in English, must be enough for business communication.

  • Computer skills in basic programs and apps, Chrome, Skype, Google Docs and Sheets

  • Ability to notice small details. This job requires that you pay very close attention to details. 

  • Stable Internet connection. Stable internet connection is MUST as orders need to placed each day without delays.

  • Responsible and Reliable. You must be able to work each day at set time. Monday to Saturday. Please DON NOT APPLY if you cannot work each day Monday to Saturday at set time. These are NOT flexible hours.  

  • Patience. You will need to be patient enough to double check all of your work to make sure there are no mistakes. 


1. Experience with placing order at Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon or Lowes. Familiar with shipping to multiple addresses feature at Home Depot. 

2. Advance knowledge of Google sheets and best candidate will already know how to use google sheets on advanced level which is entering and organizing data on excel, creating formulas and calculating profits.

3. Analytical skills. The best candidate will already know how to compare prices with other retailers and find the lowest price to maximize savings. 


I will provide you with a training scripts and videos and as much additional training as you need.


$200/per month for 4 hours/day

$300/per month for 6 hours/day

$400/per month for 8 hours/day. 

$100/per month for 2hours - training. Training takes up to 2 weeks. 

Interview Process

Once the job has been posted we will wait one week before we go trough interview Process. 

There will be a 3 steps in Interview process.

Step 1 - Skype Chat - This will be for about 15 minutes where we will get to know each other and ask you some general questions, and test some basic skills.

Step 2 - Trial - This will be trial to test if this job is good fit for you. This will be around 2 hours. We will pay you $5 for trial. 

Step 3 - Skype video/audio - this will be for around 5 minutes and after this call you will know if you are hired. 


You must be available to work each day at 9AM to 12PM EST time zone from Monday to Saturday.

This will be 9PM to 10PM Philippine Time. If you have more than 3 hours of work you can either work after 12 or before 9PM. Your preference. 


We’ve been in this online business for 7+ Years.

We have a few other successful businesses apart from this. We’re literally expanding every year. We are experienced serial entrepreneurs.

You will be working with the best of the best in the industry. We are the most hard working people you will know and we will most likely be working harder than you at any given day. This means you will be working with people very dedicated to their business. We’re building for the Long Term!

While we work Hard, we are very Open-Minded, Easy-Going and Down to Earth People.

You are free to share your ideas to make the work more efficient. Making mistakes is acceptable. We understand we are all humans. But making the same mistakes again and again will not be acceptable. Whenever you have made a mistake, kindly communicate with me openly. You’ll be surprised how understanding we can be.

I’m focused on building a responsible family like environment.

I encourage open communication with me. If there is absolutely anything in your mind, let me know.

Finally, if you are a Good Hearted Person, THIS IS THE place for you to apply.

Are you ready? Then click to apply for this job!


Please answer the following questions:

  1. What is your experience on eBay, Amazon or any E-Commerce platform? Any experience? Please describe. The more, the better

  2. Have you processed order online before? Are you familiar with buying items on Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes?

  3. In Philippine Time, What would be your most preferred working hours? You can state multiple shifts in 1 day, you can prefer more than 1 shift per day too. (Example. 1pm-3pm & 1am-4am) 

  4. If you’ve made some mistakes, just a small one, and you know exactly how to fix it, what actions would you take to resolve the mistakes?

  5. Are you available to work at exact same time each day? If answer is yes, please include word "SET" in subject line when applying. 

  6. What is your skype ID?

  7. Include word "KEY" in subject line when applying so that I know you have read this job ad in full. 



Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing

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