Dedicated, Round-The-Clock Amazon Manager

based on skills and interview
Full Time
Aug 27, 2019

Job Overview

Hours:  7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Time (US)

We have these VERY high expectations:

1. Improve or maintain our INVENTORY PERFORMANCE INDEX each day - THIS IS CRITICAL

2. Images on listings often need updating or get flagged by amazon.  Replace these images by finding stock images online and resizing as necessary. It is imperative that you keep our listings active and current

3. Get new variations listed on existing listings:  Often, we'll purchase brand-name (Nike, etc) products with no listed variation inside the existing amazon listing.  Amazon is often very problematic about allowing sellers to add new variations to name-brand products.  We need to hire someone very resourceful with Amazon to get these new variations live and listed with resized and edited stock photos.

4. Manage and take responsibility for *ALL* day-to-day SellerCentral activities, including but not limited to :

- Fixing stranded inventory

- Creating removal orders as needed for unfullfillable or products unlikely to sell

- Creating eBay listings to sell our removal orders through that channel

- Handle replenishment alerts (place new orders and notify us of an estimated arrival date)

- Create minimum and maximum prices

- Assess when to reduce a minimum price by comparing BuyCost (using InventoryLab)

- Reconcile shipments for quality

- Create ads when it makes fiscal sense

5. Create batches in InventoryLab with the Buyists our scouts send you throughout the day

6. Maintain a spreadsheet of product images and their UPCs and ASINs so that if amazon challenges any of our purchases, we are prepared

7. Communicate deeply with store owner and strategize for GROWTH

If you truly know that you are an expert in all of these areas, and if you have formal, articulate business skills and communication, then we look forward to your reply.  Please tell us how you would handle items 1 and 2, with SPECIFICS.  I will discard any replies that are inspecific.

Skills Required

  • Amazon Product Ads

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