Writing a E-book

Sep 08, 2019

Job Overview

1. Write a book:

Objective of writing a book:

-help to improve the image of writer

-Increase the awareness

-Help freightwarder to have a full positioning.

-target trader, freight forwarder, regulator, school.

What to achieve:

Topic with below content.

Straight forward with the content.

Come with nice cover page.

Formate for easy printing and send out as ebook.


What is marine cargo insurance


Common incoterm used

Why issit important and their practise in different country.

What is icca / icc b/ icc a

What do it cover?

Where to buy marine cargo insurance

Type of standard parking

Important of marine cargo insurance

What is freight forwarder liability and ability.

What to look for in a marine cargo insurance.

Claim process

Skills Required

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Editing Proofreading
  • Ghost Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Web Content Writing

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