Looking for experience World of Warcraft gamers! Get paid to play video games!

$300 per month
Full Time
Nov 04, 2019

Job Overview



We are seeking talented gamers who are able to consistently meet and exceed our quotas for leveling WoW accounts and gathering items for us. We are currently filling 4 open positions with our company. Please - do not send us resumes that talk about doing virtual assistant work or have no relevance to this position. Send us a personalized email introducing yourself, giving us your experience with World of Warcraft (Classic/Vanilla experience is a huge bonus), your interest in this position, and any other relevant information that relates to our position. Failure to include this information will result in you not being considered for this position. This is especially the case for emails that contain "I'm interested" or "Sign me up" responses. We won't consider them. Please show us you're interested. 



  • 40 hours per week; Monday through Friday

  • Pick your hours between 7 AM to 7 PM  your time (must work 2 hour sessions at a time - minimum between breaks)

  • Additional hours beyond 40 hours offered when available (must not miss any work for the preceding or current week cycle to be eligible)

  • Bonuses for beating quotas consistently 




  • 20Mbp/s download and at least 5Mbps upload internet

  • Ability to occassionaly join us for voice communication and training sessions

  • Experience playing World of Warcraft  (clearing dungeons or doing end-game PvE)*

  • Understanding of common game mechanics (strafing through targets, not exposing your tank's back to enemies, ability to use multiple crowd control abilities and keybinds)

  • Ability to watch a training video and repeat the actions taken in game. 


  • Ability to meet our set quotas

  • Able to play without consistently needing assistance or having issues

  • After 30-45 days, ability to play nearly without interaction with our team (login, play, get paid!)


It's important that you can meet our quotas. For example, if our team is able to casually run a dungeon and hold an XP rate of 20,000 XP/hr, you're expected to at least meet 80% of that rate consistently. It's expected that you have a high level of awareness. You'll be monitoring multiple characters at one time and due to this, distractions will put you at high risk of dying in game, and severely impact your quotas.

If you feel that you're capable of working this position and have experience, please contact us. We are very interested in players who have experience playing World of Warcraft, especially those who have familiarity with the dungeons, and dungeon/raiding tactics within the game.

*In the event that you do not have experience with World of Warcraft, if you're familiar playing MMO based games, or you believe that you're capable of working in this position, you can still contact us. We will schedule time for you to join us in our Microsoft Teams tenant, have you do some basic testing of one of our cloud gaming systems, and then discuss things further with you.

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Game development
  • Personal Assistant

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