virtual assistant and data/order entry

Full Time
Nov 05, 2019

Job Overview


My name is Tyler and I own a company called clothable with my brother Scott. We are a custom apparel business  


This position would be a fulltime and a longterm position.  We would need you to be able to complete general and administrative tasks efficiently! We are also always very open to ideas and suggestions and love getting feedback and ideas from all who work with us!

Two of the main jobs that you would be responsible for on a daily basis would be:

1: Find email addresses and add them as contacts using our Customer relationship management software. This would require going onto elementary school websites and getting principal and Parent teacher organization president's email addresses.  You would then add the email, school name, and contact name to our database.

2: Fullfill orders that come in.  We would send you a list of orders that need to be completed.  What you would be required to do would be to order the apparel from our fulfillment partners, select the type of garment, upload the artwork file, and have it shipped to our customer!

We are flexible on hours that you would work. We only ask that our workdays overlap by a couple hours to make communication easier.  We are looking for you to work 40 hours per week.  Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested!


Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management

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