Website developer

Nov 05, 2019

Job Overview


Development of a website that is responsive and beautiful, showcasing videos and photo galleries of past projects and samples of common projects. It needs to have a call to action that connects to my CRM. The CRM is likely to be Zoho, Hubspot or EngageBay. I am currently exploring Engagebay as the option.


  1. Aesthetically beautiful but fast loading website with lead capture.

  2. Create a booking system web app for Photo & Video Shoots that can price the job as the user makes choices. Sample


Nine Page website

  1. Home - Video header with CMS changeable quote. Content to include testimonials, quote banner, Video section, Latest News, Photo section and CTA for further info or booking. Weather model at the bottom

  2. Book - Web App that allows selections and final pricing to happen live

  3. Weather - 3 feeds from 3 websites with embed/javascript code provided

  4. Packages - 3 types that have preset choices, with the ability to add extra through web app

  5. Photography - Gallery with the ability to rearrange according to photo tags

  6. Video- Gallery with playlist feed from Youtube - details about options

  7. News - include events calendar

  8. About

  9. Contact

Skills Required

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Wordpress Development

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