Writer with C1 or C2 English Needed

Part Time
Nov 12, 2019

Job Overview

I run a website that caters to online English teachers and am constantly posting articles about related topics. The problem is, I don't have the time to write everything with my job as an Online English Teacher. Therefore, I need a VA who can help. 


What You'll Do:

  • Market Research: Nearly all of the information from my website comes from another related post on another website. I can't just copy/paste and I don't want it to look like I simply took their ideas. That's why I try to use multiple sites, take ideas from all, then compile into my own article that I can post as original. For some articles, I will simply ask you to do research. Others I will ask you to write the entire thing after researching.

  • Write: The website is basically one big guide on how to get hired as an Online English Teacher, so you will need to help by researching information on and related to this topic. Then, you will write a well constructed guide based on requirements I give you. 

  • Blog: You will also write some random blog posts, as well as come up with ideas for new blog posts. Do not overuse time on thinking of new ideas as I have plenty, but I love creative VAs who take initiative and bring me new ideas.

  • Proofread: I already have a website that has about 30,000 words on it. You will scan the entire site and inform me of any errors you see, using a program like MS Word or other to point it out clearly. Also, if you find a better way to word a sentence or idea, we will discuss this.

  • Video Conference with Me: I find it most efficient to discuss ideas over video chat. When we start this project, we will video chat somewhere between 30-60 minutes. After you complete your first guide, we will have another 15-30 minute video chat. If I think it is necessary, we might have another.

Requirements: HIGH English Level (C1+)

Time Zone: I live in Vietnam, so am only 1 hour behind the Philippines. This will make video chatting and discussing ideas easy. 

Payment: $100 for 20 hours (negotiable based on skill)

You will be paid 50% after 10 hours and 50% after another 10 hours.

Hiring Process: I am going to hire 2 writers, one which will be hired long term. You will each give your best shot and both be paid upon completion, but the writer who impresses me the most will be hired long term. 

Apply with resume, sample writing (market research informational, not essay), and anything else that might help your chances. 

Skills Required

  • Blogging
  • Editing Proofreading
  • Web Content Writing

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