Virtual Assistant / Closing sales through Chat (work at home)

Nov 24, 2019

Job Overview

I'm looking for a goal-oriented Virtual assistant who will aid me in closing sales through chat and earn base salary and commissions.


Must be:


willing to learn

Must put his/her goal a priority

have a good heart and initiative

passionate about performing the job

Willing to undergo overtime when times in needed

Must be adaptive to change


Requirement :

Reliable laptop and internet that can run the MANYCHAT app and Facebook.

Working hours: Willing to accept shifting schedules: 8-5 pm, 3 pm-12 am, 12 am-9 am.

Salary payment dates : 15 & 30


Skills needed:

Must be VERY fast in answering chats

Fast in typing (also fast in doing copy-paste)

A little knowledge with many chat is a plus

a few experiences in sales is a plus

you will be trained on how to close a sale

Basically you will entertain the incoming inquiries of the people who are chatting with the facebook page and you get paid commissions

every sale!

The product we're selling: Business opportunity/Course/MLM

Fixed salary + commission per sale! (potential up to 20-30k+)



Skills Required

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