Senior Full Stack PHP and Wordpress Developer

50,000 - 60,000
Full Time
Nov 27, 2019

Job Overview

Job Description:

The Senior Full Stack PHP and Wordpress Developer will be part of the Research and Development

team who is responsible for take major programming/coding contributions both in frontend, backend and

SEO related provisions for the new version 3 of “Community Portal” and future systems of the company.



  • Minimum of 6 years and maximum of 10 years work experience in web development particularly

  • in WordPress

  • At least 2 years work experience in AWS server technology platform

  • At least 2 years work experience on Search Engine Optimization

  • At least 2 years work experience on responsive compliance websites by implementing media css

  • At least 2 years work experience in payment gateway integrations with Paypal, Stripe and other

  • 3rd party which also entail credit card payments online

  • Core requirements include the comprehensive experience in Wordpress, Plugins (such as

  • WooCommerce, Elementor, Gravity Form, BuddyBoss, BuddyPress, AffiliateWP ,etc.), HTML,

  • CSS, Apache, SSH and SSL

  • Value added factors of having knowledge and exposure with any open source or commercial

  • development platforms such as but not limited to PHP, Postgres SQL, MySQL, API,

  • Java,Javascript, HTML, CSS, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Visual Technology, Microsoft

  • SQL Server, Oracle and any other high-end RDMBS in the market today as readiness for future

  • technologies to embark with

  • Accustomed with Application Support and Maintenance

  • Ability to quickly master new technologies

  • Must have a good problem solving and troubleshooting skills

  • Excellent in interpersonal skills working in a team environment

  • Excellent in written and verbal communication skills in English

  • Good working equipment and environment.

  • Remarks and Justifications:

  • The incoming staff who will take the role of Senior Full Stack PHP and Wordpress Developer will help the

  • Research and Development team to develop, test and deploy modules and features intended for

  • “Community Portal” and upcoming systems. He/she will ensure that the set of codes that he will write for

  • the modules / features are in accordance with the team’s coding standards, syntax and recommended

  • optimizations, the database object structures will also adhere to the normalized database design. He is

  • also entrusted as the source code custodian in our Bitbucket, code merger and main deployer between

  • servers, designated as next level person in-charged for the database administration and security

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Writes new codes, modify/enhance existing codes, install/update wordpress plugins,

  • Create/modify database objects, tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, cron jobs/scripts and other case to case scenario functions

  • Conduct Local Unit Testing, Smoke Testing, Peer-to-Peer Testing in between co-developers module/feature, before endorsing to QA

  • Main point of contact and responsible for Code Review stage prior to QA and prior to deployment to source code repository in the cloud using Bitbucket or Github

  • Reports software/application bugs

  • Simulates problems/issues reported by customers/users/stakeholders and apply applicable fixes

  • Verifies software/application bugs reported by development team

  • Recommends product/software/application improvement

Skills Required

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