Customer Service, Social Media and Product Management for Women's Clothing Dropshipping Store

USD $520-$690 per month
Full Time
Dec 08, 2019

Job Overview


I own an online dropshipping store selling women's clothing and fashion items. I am looking to hire a customer service-focussed virtual assistant for the long term.

The store is NOT just starting out. It is two years old and I bought it from its previous owner. It therefore has traffic, sales and a history, and will see more as I scale the store.


I am looking for somebody to manage the day to day running of the store's customer service. These tasks are primarily (but may not be fully limited to):

1. Managing customer support enquiries through Reamaze (training will be provided). Reamaze is a support desk tool that receives messages from customers through all channels.

2. Managing return requests by communicating with suppliers through Aliexpress

3. Where applicable, managing refund requests through Shopify (Shopify staff account will be provided).

4. Working with my fulfilment team member to coordinate the resolution of customer enquiries.

5. Managing products in the store including finding and importing new products from Aliexpress through Oberlo (procedure will be provided).

6. Tracking orders and responding to customer requests accordingly.

7. Data reporting and analysis.

8. Other general VA tasks.


- English language fluency essential.

- Skillful with Reamaze or with similar service desk software.

- Experience with Aliexpress and Aliexpress messaging.

- Experience with Shopify.

- Experience with Oberlo.


The job is full time, but with flexible hours. I am in the UK timezone and most of the customers are in the US timezones.


USD $120-$160 per week, depending on skills and experience.


I am looking for someone with initiative and good judgment, who is unafraid to act on these. I won't be providing you with a script for customer service - I would much prefer it if you were the kind of person who is happy to chat with the customers, empathise with them, get into their mindset and help them. Good conversationalists, pragmatists and those who are logical, methodical and organised are particularly welcome.


Start would be immediate. Training on the basic operations of the store will be provided through conference calls (Skype or similar) and written guides. Ideally, however, I'd like to get to the stage where you can improve upon the written guides I will provide and make them more comprehensive and thorough, as well as add good initiatives to the customer service of the store. I am very open to ideas to improve the store, so if you have one, I am willing to listen.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Customer Support
  • Email Support

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