Amazon PPC campaign manager

salary based on interview results
Jan 02, 2020

Job Overview

Professional requirements

  1.  Knowledge of English is at least at an Advanced level.

  2.  Minimum 2 years of successful experience in PPC advertising campaign for Amazon Private Label. 

  3.  Successful cases of PPC Optimization and management. Reducing Acos to 20-30% and less.

  4.  Knowledge of successful developing strategies and tactics and using them differently depending on the situation to drive Amazon sales. Understanding ‘honeymoon” time period. 

  5.  Keyword research and Amazon indexing understanding

  6.  Search Engine Optimization for Amazon.

  7.  Skilled at managing products on Amazon, including planning and creating paid search campaigns.

  8.  Knowledge of placements, acos, bids (down only, up and down, fixed), asin’s targeting, negative keywords, ad groups (BPE).

  9.  Analytical mind

  10.  Must be able to complete task within given deadlines.

  11.  Must be available in the EST time zone (Florida, USA) for cooperation with the team for at least 3 working hours.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • - In-depth keyword research.

  • - Campaign Setup. Create Auto, Manual, Keyword Targeting, Product Targeting Campaigns.

  • - Boost sales.

  • - Optimization. On-Going Management (Strategic Broad To Narrow). Manage and optimize product listings on Amazon on a daily basis. 

  • - Selection of Match types and bid optimization strategy. 

  • - Manage bids throughout entire campaign for clients, monitor and update daily budgets

  • - Optimize Products to make sure ads are visible.

  • - Develop high-level strategies based on account performance. Budget Strategy: Increase bids for money making.

  • - Daily monitoring and analysis of all advertising campaigns.

  • - Run ad campaign to pick up profitable + money making keywords to generate sales.

  • - Remove non-converting keywords.

  • - Creating of semantic kernel.

  • - Product optimization including organic search terms, paid search terms and other promotional campaigns coupons)

  • - Plan, manage, and execute a portfolio of paid search campaigns, including but not limited to strategy development, organization, and management.

  • - Identify issues or trends when sales have either declined or increased

  • - Manage campaign expenses, stay on budget, and estimate monthly costs.

  • - Monitoring and reporting performance of new and existing products. Create professional sales and marketing reports.

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Translation
  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Amazon Product Ads

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