Chat bot developer

salary based on interview results
Jan 02, 2020

Job Overview

Professional requirements

  1.  Knowledge of English is at least at an Advanced level. 

  2.  More than one year experiences developing of chat bots on ManyChat platform.

  3.  Knowledge of creating different chat bot sequences and flows based on goals whether it’s ranking, sales, reviews or rebates.

  4.  Must be able to complete task within given deadlines.

  5.  Knowledge of Amazon TOS, new updates. 

  6.  Understands complexity of natural language and conversational experiences.

  7.  Must be available in the EST time zone (Florida, USA) for cooperation with the team for at least 3 working hours


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Design conversation flows based on marketing and business goals.

  • Elaboration of funnel offers, selecting of content for effective communication in handling objections.

  • Creating and installing of chat bots for amazon sellers, architecting of successful chain of funnel messages.

  •  Building a smart bot for Facebook Page Messenger , Whatsapp , Twitter , Telegram , skype and websites. 

  • Creating a demo bot and send a link to know what the customer getting. 

  • Installation. 

  • Custom chatbot avatar, colors, branding. 

  • Consultation, technical support and maintenance.

  • Revisions.


Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Translation
  • Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Web Content Writing

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