Part Time-Online Teacher

Jan 14, 2020

Job Overview

This posting is for current teachers who already have their bachelor's degree in Secondary Education major in English/Literature/Language Arts.

This job is part time working 3-5 hours on a weekend (either a Saturday or Sunday.)

Base pay for this is P1,000/week working only one day a week for  2-3 hours.


The job entails the following skills and duties:


Ability to use Microsoft Excel in recording students' grades

Ability to use google forms/Google Docs and grade students' work - mostly essays.

Create Lesson Plans out of a particular topic in Language Arts.

Create meaningful evaluation tools for a particular topic.


If you meet all this criteria, please email me at

Please attach your resume with your application and write a brief introduction of yourself and your background. If you are chosen please include your skype name for an interview.  Job starts ASAP preferable Jan. 17.  Thank you.







Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Personal Assistant

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