PowerPoint Creator $100/Month 40Hr/Week

PowerPoint Creator $100/Month 40Hr/Week
Full Time
Jan 15, 2020

Job Overview

If you Love & are Skilled at Creating Powerpoints in English this is the job for you! We are Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute and Hollywood Art Institute located in California, USA. We create online courses for topics like Photography, Social Media Marketing, and more. You will become a valued member of our team. We strive to be positive, supportive, & respectful. We always have opportunities to switch to new job roles if you are looking for more responsibilities or a different position. [This Position Pays $100 Total for Each Month][40 Hour Work Weeks]

TO APPLY: Go to Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute and click on CAREERS (This will speed up the application & hiring process)

We provide Video Training Tutorials to teach you the varying tasks. You will need good computer skills and the ability to learn these tasks.

Sample Job Tasks

  • Copy & Paste text from Word document  to PowerPoint

  • Type PowerPoint Titles based on paragraph text

  • Take given material>> Slightly Atler/Re-write>> Paste in Powerpoint Bullets

  • Create quiz questions based on course videos & readings

  • There are additional small tasks like these above. We give very clear instructions that make it easy to learn and perform.

There will be Additional Job Tasks

The tasks will vary depending on what needs to be finished

  • Example 1: Inserting audio clips in Powerpoint slides

  • Example 2: Upload videos to Youtube

  • Example 3: Insert updated course material in a necessary course section

  • Example 4: ETC (Remember we provide clear instructions for all tasks)

Team Support

  • We are here to support you every step of the way

  • You will get One-on-One Training on all required tasks

  • Video tutorials are available to watch as many times as needed

  • You get daily Phone calls, Text messages, Calls, Videos, Etc


  • Strong English writing skills

  • Easily & quickly read & comprehend English Writing (Mostly American English)

  • Easily & fully comprehend American English speaking

  • Quick English Writer/Typer

  • Can write in a way that flows & is easy for the average American to read & understand

  • Computer with RELIABLE internet access

  • PowerPoint App/Software (we may provide this for free)

  • Positive Attitude

  • Willing to learn new skills

  • Quick learner

  • Reliable & Dependable

  • If you need help you look-up the answer or ask us (instead of guessing or avoiding the task) 


We seek to give you “Normal Philippine Hours.” There are times when we will need to communicate or work on things that are outside normal Philippine work hours, but we try to make this the exception. Our goal is to be able to provide work weeks similar to those listed below:

40 hours/week Monday-Friday (There may be times you are required to work more hours in a week)

Choose your work hours (Based on Philippine Time)

Schedule A: 7am-3pm

Schedule B: 8am-4pm

Schedule C: 9am-5pm

Schedule D: Create your own daily hours (approval required)

We are excited to meet you, answer any questions, and hopefully hire you as a permanent member of our team. Please Apply Now!!! Cross your fingers that you will become a New Member of Our Team

Good Luck:)!!!!!

TO APPLY: Go to Hollywood Art Institute and click on CAREERS or Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute and click on CAREERS

Skills Required

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