Virtual Assistant - Sales English/French

Part Time
Jan 20, 2020

Job Overview

We are looking to hire a part time Virtual Assitant as part of our sales team.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time ( Canada)

Salary: will be paid every two weeks ( Start with $100/month with option to increase - Plus performance bonuses)

Skill Needed

  • Write/Speak English and French 

  • Must have a Facebook account. All sales interactions will take place through facebook via Messenger.

  • Familiar with Google Sheets or Excel. (Comfortable working with spread sheets)

  • Attention to detail.

  • Great customer service.

Job Outline

We are looking for someone to help our sales team, Utilizing facebook marketplace platform to list items from our ecommerce store where we sell handcrafted furniture. You will be responsible for responding to customers questions via facebook messenger/marketplace. You will will then input customers orders  and information into a spread sheet we provide. Attention to detail is very important and accuracy of orders is essential.

monthly bonus paid on results 

Skills Required

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