Telephone Sales Representative

Full Time
Feb 09, 2020

Job Overview

Job Summary (Make over $800 USD Monthly)

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If you enjoy speaking with people from all over the world and can turn a regular conversation into revenue for the company, we have the perfect job for you. As a telephone sales representative, you make outgoing calls daily and work with customers to sell them on our products and services. A telephone sales representative must be passionate about what our company has to offer and truly believe in the vision we sell. This excitement must come through on every call to guarantee that customers enjoy speaking to you and want to learn more about the company and brand. As a telephone sales representative, you can relax and enjoy your day in an office while making connections all over the world. 



Job Responsibilities


Encourage customers to buy services and products by using a prepared script to reference important parts of what the company offers.

Go off-script when necessary to build a relationship with customers or answer any questions they have not addressed in the script.

Advise prospective and current customers by answering questions and addressing concerns about purchased products.

Update database with new information every time you talk to a potential customer or when a customer call.

Complete forms and record logs to create accurate, detailed files for each customer, providing insight into the target audience and what they want from the company.

Follow organization standards to maintain quality service and guarantee customers receive exceptional service.

Keep a positive attitude and always treat potential customers with respect.

Report any necessary changes to equipment or processes that will boost productivity and efficiency and cut back on wasted costs.

Being courteous and polite to clients is of the utmost importance.




If a prospect agrees to make a purchase during the call, telemarketing agents take details of the order and enter it into a computer system. They also confirm the prospect’s contact details and ask about arrangements for delivery. For certain purchases, agents take and authorize credit or debit card payments over the phone.




When calls do not lead to an immediate sale, telemarketing agents arrange a follow-up action. They may offer to send the prospect further information by mail or email and, if possible, arrange a follow-up call on an agreed date. If the prospect wishes to have a detailed discussion with a consultant or sales representative, agents arrange appointments. They record details of the calls on the computer system so that information is available for the next stage of contact. To strengthen relationships, telemarketing agents make courtesy calls to ask if customers were satisfied with the service they received. They also call customers who have recently purchased a product to offer them information on other products of interest.


Job Qualifications




High school diploma or its equivalent.


Proficient level of English.


Prior telephone sales experience.


Able to pass a background check and drug screening preferred.


Professional appearance.


Well organized and great attention to detail.


Must have very good internet and work during USA hours. This is generally 9am until 6pm PST/EST.


Employment Perks


Commission only of 75.00 dollars commission on every sale. We expect you to make 2-4 sales minimum a week. We are looking for full time employment Virtual Assistant. You will need to make call consistently and the software we provide will dial out one call after another.

We provide leads and PhoneBurner phone system to contact prospective customers.

Skills Required

  • Sales Representative

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