Web Content Moderator

Full Time
Feb 10, 2020

Job Overview


The Web Content Moderator/ Online Community Moderator will implement the REIQ’s online community and market place moderation strategy, monitoring and moderating user-generated content to make sure that it is maintained as a safe and fun environment. This role coordinates with cross functional teams to support its mission, ensuring a safe and legal community environment, promoting excellent customer service and helping to cultivate a strong community around the brand.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Process client and account source documents by reviewing data for deficiencies; resolving discrepancies by using set standard procedures or interacting with community and market place members for resolution.

  • Will have thematic control to forums. Ensuring that discussions stays within the thematic parameters.

  • Protects integrity of discussions by doing away with contributions that are not relevant, unlawful or illegal such as defamatory statement and copyright infringements.

  • Verification of client and account data by reviewing, correcting, reentering and deleting data if deemed necessary to maintain data integrity.

  • Service community and marketplace accounts, processing emails and complaints, escalating to customer service when necessary.

  • Test client and accounts by inputting data; reviewing output.

  • Maintain operations by following policies and procedures. Reporting needed changes to account managers, community and market place members and to the management team.

  • Able to suggest workflow and process improvements.

  • Produce reports on relevant moderation statistics, issues and outcomes.

  • Maintain client confidentiality.


  • Great knowledge of online legal issues and maintains cool under pressure

  • Strong organizational skills, always having a positive outlook and a proactive approach

  • Working operational knowledge and understanding of online community platform

  • moderation tools (WordPress CMS, Forums, Blogs, Photo Uploads, Commenting etc.)

  • Knowledge of the Company’s industry and targeted demographic’s culture, as well as

  • internet culture

  • Ability to effectively communicate information and report statistics

  • Good technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly

  • Have a good knowledge of principles of customer service

Home Office Requirements:

  • 100% Remote work

  • Availability to work business hours in US Central Time

  • Computer (at least Core i3 Processor, 4 GB RAM, Webcam)

  • Home office with a private room and desk

  • Reliable internet (5 MBPS minimum, 10 MBPS preferred with ability to go up to 50 MBPS).


Skills Required

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