Programmer for sms and email review site, we want it done via android/IOS using Twilio.

Full Time
Feb 14, 2020

Job Overview

Looking for a talented programmer and team to complete some software in two to three months. I can give you access to and show you what we want. Please be able to complete in two months using Twilio. We are open to suggestions but need a great UI experience. If you can send samples of UI and past work with login that would be great. I can give you login details once we talk on skype. My skype is live:jyurtin_1

Once logged in, we want to add social accounts/connect business accounts the same way, a simple walk through.


Then we need to have reputation monitor and be able to respond to reviews. We also want to add automated reviews and a time of hours or days to respond to review.


We also need My Customers.


And then we need Get More Reviews. This is where we want to add more features than listed. We need all the features shown in the login under get more reviews and  but we need to be able to track employees. Example is business owner can simply add a new employee and a email and password will be generated. Need lost password and normal functionality for this user. We want to track how many times this employee gets reviews so has to be tied to their account and know the review text or email came from specific employee. We also want the ability to offer rewards offered by business owner. I then want the owner to be able to send out a group email that will tell the employee where they stand as far as how many reviews they have achieved and their rating of all reviews. I want the owner to be able to send and sort by last month, last three months or a range of dates for that email sent and for when logged in via desktop or app. When employee is logged in by default they will see the get more reviews only. Business owner will be able to check what the employee can do and access on desktop or app. Email should be sent out on what access can be granted. Need billing tied to each sales person or employee added. We can use woocommerce teams along with memberships and subscriptions.  I want business owner to be able to add and subtract employees and sell in groups, example would be 1-5 is 75 per month. 1-10 would be 70 per month. This would be something I can configure and change in backend and business owners would see the price change and be able to purchase. We currently use Strip along with woocommerce teams, memberships and subscriptions as noted above.


Instead of just the business owner being able to spread reviews via their social media I want employees to be able to add their social media and spread reviews. This addition would be in the social accounts and or business accounts when an employee is added they are first prompted to add their social accounts.


Need social media poster but not the AI, just the business social media accounts and the employee social media accounts.


Do not need track your competitors or directory listings at this time.

Skills Required

  • Drupal Development
  • Drupal
  • Android development
  • iOS development
  • Laravel

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