Canadian Accounting, Tax filing- Freelance

$35/month, to be discussed
Feb 25, 2020

Job Overview

Job Description


Canadian Accounting, Tax filing- Freelance

Time commitment: Variable: maybe 2 hours per week

Salary: $35 per month



A small Canadian company needs accounting assistance.  This small consulting company issues one invoice per month, on average.  It has 5-10 payables per month.  It has a payroll for 3 staff members and payment remittances to government of payroll deductions.



Populate new accounting software with prior year numbers

Conduct entries for payables and receivables.

Prepare an invoice when required.

Reconcile monthly bank statements (average of 6-10 entries)

Prepare annual financial statements

Prepare annual tax filings



Proficiency with online accounting software

Experience organizing payroll, preferably for Canada. (3 employees)

Experience with tax filings in Canada.

Skills Required

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Tax Preparation

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